fantasy football

anyone interested? I already made a yahoo league.

229615 / pigfarm

Sounds like fun. I don’t know how active I’ll be, but this’ll be cool.

Q. Uk Premership? If so I’ll Be joining… or are you talking about NFL?

Big Nutter
It got to be asked…

It’s the NFL.

Yeah. Boo. Go CFL. Less salaries and more entertainment!

anyone else want in? The draft is tomorrow. I may not be able to be there, I may be traveling home.

Could you do me a favor and boot Da Bears out from the league? EDIT: Nevermind, I found a way to delete them myself.

Iga: Yeah, watching your home team blow a 15 point lead to Ottawa is sure entertaining.

Really? My home team absolutely ROMPED the Renegades. Even though that means we’re only 5-5, we’ll take any win. I’ve been calling for Tom Higgins’s ugly bald head to be axed since day one.

If we had kept with Don Matthews (thanks a lot, Hugh Campbell) we would be in the middle of a dynasty.

we need an even number of teams in order to do the draft…

this sorta thing might interest me, is it free

Yes, it is completely free. All you need is a Yahoo! account.

It sucks that this never got off the ground for us.