fantasy football

How many of you are interested in joining a fantasy football league for the upcoming NFL season? I’m not a huge football fan, but if you guys wanna suit up I’ll make it.

The league is already made, just go here first:

You need a Yahoo ID to join my league, just make one if you don’t have one already. From there you’re going to want to select “Join Custom League,” and here is the ID and password information:

League ID: 319780
Password: rpgcpiggy

Right now I set the cap for 12 teams, but we can have more if there is that much interest. The online draft is set for Tuesday August 19th at 2:30 PM EST, but that one is subject to change; I’m going to try to get a weekend or evening spot if one opens up – right now they’re all filled. Let me know too if that specific time is bad for you because if I can’t get a better time that’ll be the one we’ll use.

Basically, how this works is you make a “team.” Then we have a draft where all the current NFL players are available. You fill your roster by signing Quarterbacks, Running Backs, etc. Then, as the real NFL season progresses, your players earn points based on their real-life production. Then, your team plays against the other teams in the league; whichever team has more points after all the games for that week have been played wins. You can also drop or add players, make trades, etc. Basically, think of it as if you operated one of the real NFL teams, except that the players on it perform according to how they do in real life.

More details will be forthcoming or when they are asked about.

EDIT - Lastly, I may move the draft date to Monday if I get enough people fast enough, since my schedule is very shaky after Monday for the rest of the month.

I signed up. I know nothing about sports but I figured, eh, what the hell.

crap, cancel that… it seems I’m already in too many leagues (3 baseball and 1 football already)…

looks like I’m going to have to sit this one out

I signed up. When you said “football”, I was hoping it was the real football (or soccer, heh).

As for the draft, it’d be awesome if you could make the draft Monday and possibly push it back an hour or two, around 4:00PM EST maybe. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get online before then.

Eh, no thanks. I’m not doing good in my baseball teams. I’m like what? 14th out of 16? o_0

And I don’t care much for football anyway.

I would, but since I don’t know anything about American football. Nah :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I signed up. Too bad there isn’t a CFL Fantasy league.

being that Canada has it’s own Football league, I can’t do that good.

I’m down.

Just deciding on a team name now…

EDIT: Team name = The Fighting Hippies (unfortunately, “The Fighting Pacfists” didn’t fit). Clad in helmets of Green and White…

I would join up, but I don’t know a thing about American Football.

Plus, I’m on holiday next week, and wouldn’t be able to get to a computer to do anything.

I’m in, but is there any chance we can push the draft back an hour or so? I won’t get home from school in time.

Alrighty, I signed up.
Yeah, change the draft back an hour or two so everyone has a chance.

As long as it stays on Tuesday, whatever hour works for the others is fine with me.

see, the problem is there are barely any draft times available. This was basically the latest one I could find. If you aren’t there though the computer drafts for you.

And if you don’t know much about football, that’s ok too. Yahoo ranks players statistically as the year goes on, and they rank players prior to the draft as well.

ok, I’ll join.

if you need one more, I can make a temporary yahoo account or use my sister’s if need be to play…

We should just all meet up and play real football.

yeah sure Orak, the more the merrier.

2 more spots still open!


it is now going to be Sunday, August 24th at 1:05 EST. Does that work better for all of y’all? Or is there a better day for you? Weekends or evenings are best for me. Speak up.