Fantasy Baseball

Merlin seems to have disappeared so I guess it’s up to me to generate interest for this years Fantasy Baseball. Feel free to ask questions, express interest and come together about this years competition.

Please sticky this post.

So I guess I’ll just start with “Who is interested in participating?”

Now the key to that question is whether or not you’ll be there throughout the season. It’s honestly maybe 5-15 minutes out of your day to just check up, see if you have any trades, and just keep track of your players. Nothing really big or pressing to do unless someone gets injured. But we all have a lot of fun when we do it, and we’ve done it for two years in a row here and had relativly successful seasons the past two years, last years being quite exciting towards the end.

So, lets get to it.


How about that Fantasy Baseball?


And last year SUCKED toward the end. I got horribly screwed over by a terribly stupid tie-breaker that Yahoo had, and it was so stupid because the first tie-breaker was something stupid like ERA over the last week, which is really stupid, because my time was more dominant in batting than it was in ERA, so it is unfair to my team, especially as the higher seed, to have such an unjust tie-breaker, when Yahoo knows that seeding should amount for something, and higher seeds should own the tie-breakers, which would make sense , and I know that I should have won the tie-breaker as the higher seed, but since the tie-breaker was so stupid I ended up losing it, and not getting first, even though I would have crushed my opponent in the championship round had the tie-breaker been fair and I would have advanced to the championship round like I would have had the tie-breaker not been so stupid.

Because of that, I almost recommend a rotisserie league instead of a head-to-head league.

I think I was the guy you lost against lol, I don’t remember. I know Merlin won, but I think it was you and me in second and third place.