Fanless PSUs?

I’m building a new computer, and want to cut down on noise. Alot of the high-end PSUs i look at have no fans, only massive heatsinks coming off the back (<a href=“”>example</a>). Though it would be cool to have no fan on my PSU, how safe is it? Something that redistributes ~500W of electricity probably gets incredibly hot, can a heatsink really do the job well enough to keep it running safely?

It’s doable, or they wouldn’t make them. It’ll get hot and it really isn’t reccomendable unless the rest of the components are well cooled and the computer itself is stored in a cold room. Just to be safe, you might want to buy a supply that has a fan but only uses it when it has to.

Arent liquid cooled supposed to run silent if done right? Couldnt you just do that?

You can’t liquid cool PSUs.

I didnt know that, but I would think you could, at least a fanless one/one with a large heatsink.

You would submerge it in liquid?

There are liquid cooled PSUs, but they’re user modded. I don’t see what’s so unbelievable…even cheap PSUs have heatsinks on them, just replace the sinks with water blocks and you’re good to go.

Whether or not you want to open something up that has lots of large capacitors in it is up to you though >_>

They’d have to be massive and thus necessarily expensive blocks. It doesn’t sound very effective.

Nulani, you’re really smart, will you go out with me? Oh… you’re 21? Oh… Will you fix my PC then? It’s really old… Forget I said all that…

I agree with Nulani, though, not only does it sound ineffective, it also sounds kinda dangerous. What kind of liquid do they put it in?

EDIT: I came here to post this and forgot :slight_smile: I have an old PC, about 12 years old, and it makes almost no noise, except when you put a cd or dvd in. My brother has a Dell, a 2004 model, and it makes almost no noise at all, except when loading a disc, so unless you got the best ones, I’m supposing the disc drives would still make a lot of noise even if your hdd was silent? I plan to make my own PC some day, so I’m curious.

It’s virtually impossible to silence a cd-rom and dvd-rom, but since they’ll only spin at full speed and actually make noise when you’re installing something, burning or loading, there’s really no point in trying to. What makes noise in a pc is essentially two things: fans and hdds. You can effectively counter both by buying the right parts and the right case.