Just here to rant people. Lately has been deleting a lot of innocent stories. Yes even those that have been posted for over a year or two. I used to see alot of “choose your own adventure” stories and now I think practiacally every single one has been deleted. I got a petition from users that have lost their stories. From what I heard many of the stories were great and took a long time to write. A really popular author had her story deleted too and made many others upset. I haven’t lost any of my stories yet but i’m saving all my work cause i’ve been working hard at a story that’s actualy gotten popular and is taking me over a year to write. Who knows who’s next to get a deleted story?

If anyone is interested in signing the petition leave it in a comment on this thread and I’ll send it to you (still have a copy).

It could be a problem with the server, but as the vanishing stories all had a particular “type” to them I wouldn’t have thought so- even so, your best bet is to get all your thoughts down onto a politely-worded email, send it to everyone affected, and bombard the fuck out of the admins’ inboxes. :-p

Don’t think so. Too many are getting affected for it to be that. Buuuuuuuuut I can’t bombard the damn admin boxes namely cause i don’t want my hard worked accont deleted, (though I singed the petition with it so I might get thrown fff anyway.)

I’d go with what Nebagram said. It’s probably the database or server. I’d check all the updates and stuff to make sure they haven’t posted anything about it, wait a week, see if they posted anything yet, and if not by then (which they should do whether it be them deleting them or the database having errors), then I suggest emailing one of the administrators. I doubt you’d get your account frozen/deleted as long as you act mature about the situation and express your concerns.

If I recall, “choose your own adventure” or “interactive” stories are banned.

And maybe GAFF spoiled me, but all I an say is: Your story was deleted. Make a backup, get over it, and find somwhere else to post it.

Create Story, scroll down:

Rule #6 or #7 or something: No interactive stories

I would quote the rule, but you can look it up yourself, and I’m too tired and lazy right now.

DOn’t write interactive fics. I just find it unfair lots of good stories are being deleted excluding interactive. I’d say more but it really ain’t worth saying more.

About a year and a half ago or so, I noticed that deleted all the “R” rated stories. I actually enjoyed some of those. I haven’t gone back since they did that.

Yeah, people got similarly upset when MSTs were banned and when NC-17 were banned too, then also when they deleted their message boards and got rid of their IM service. My advise, get over it, they don’t listen.

SpazCat- Not all were deleted but I hear tons of people got ticked off. Mostly only the really popular ones stayed

Frameskip: True, I don’t bother sending emails. Particularily since tons of users I know sent angry emails and you get the picture.

Meh, FF.Net hasn’t been a great fanfiction site for a veeery long time. Just find a better place to host your fanfiction. Like RPGClassics :get it?:

Lunarcry speaketh the truth- rpgc is all about quality while is all about quantity and Squall and Seifer doing each other up the arse… :-/ And there’s still plenty in the RPGC archive to keep you going for a LONG while.

Maaan, remember the days when you could read through our whole archive in… oh… five hours or so? Then Galloway, Aliena, Archone, me and everyone else came… and made it a big place! MUHAHAHAHA!!

As long as I can remember (and I’d been visiting RPGC for some time before I discovered the boards), RPGC been one of the greatest sources of quality fanfiction since Icy Brian’s. If is a scorching desert, then RPGC is an oasis full of bikini-clad girls.

I like your analogy, GG. =)

Yeah, I believe RPG classics is better than I also read fanfiction here all the time (before I found out about the message boards) But not all the stories on are bad. But I don’t plan on stopping writing there until I finish the story I started. Unless they delete my account or story. But basically I agree with you crono. Except for the bikini thing.

Agreed. No offense on, but just about everything I’ve seen here at rpgc is gold, which is why I joined these forums anyway. I just feel more comfortable with this community reading anything I might produce, as opposed to someone else.

The thing with is that anyone can post and that there is no one who is looking through the stuff that’s submitted. That’s why it fills up with so much outright horrible stories. The good one’s just disappears in the swamp of badfics.

Here, there’s at least people looking through the submitted stories. :kissy:

Yes…in fact there should be a shrine for your actions alone…shouldn’t there?

Aww, thanks :kissy: That’s sweet of you to say.