Fanfic time again...

Okay, tis has been a REALLY bad last couple of months. First, my damn brother activated Outlook Express, which I stopped using nearly a year ago, and all my emails have been dumped over there (including the submissions). Then, I find out that the program won’t let me open the attached fics Star sent me (along with one other I have to take a look into). Not only that, but my parents decided to sell the house this summer, and I spent most of my first summer in seven years without summer school painting, building, and generally doing all manner of crap. I also got into contact with Cid about relaunching the PHP, but so far, no luck.

Well, enough complaining. On with the actual thread. If any of you have any fics you want added to the next update, please tell me here. You have until Friday, at which I will finish htmlizing everything, patch up the archive a little, and update.

I believe I sent you an e-mail, but that was awhile ago. Lemme know if you want me to resend.

Do you need me to repost download links for my two FFX fics or do you have those already?

I sent you an e-mail with the fic I want up just there…

DG, I told you that we can’t get the PHP properly working until the current fics are entered. Someone has to get started on that and in the meantime I can finish up the scripts for the displaying.

Okay, the gates are closed again.

Star: If you have any of those fics you sent me still around, send them PLEASE. Like I said, something went horribly wrong.

Okay, the update should (hopefully) be done soon (unless the same force that made me give up Guild Wars, Batman Begins, and a beach vacation rears its ugly head again…my summer sucks).

Hey Galloway, I just realised something. You never uploaded the second half of your story “Defenders Of Fanfiction” to the archive.

You finished it in the thread (I know, I just checked), the finished version just hasn’t made it out of there.

Thanks for telling me that. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a cat to punch in the throat. Several times. With brass knuckles. Powered by electricity. And laced with acid.

Ehehe. It’s probably my fault as well that that didn’t get done, depending on when it was supposed to be uploaded. I think I told Star twice or so to just get the index up and running, then focus on uploading everything else at his pace.

Also, sorry to hear that you had a rough summer, Gallo. I hope things will get better from here out.

Sorry it’s been so long. The update WILL be up by Saturday.