Fanfic Ideas In Case I forget..

I have a fanfic idea, and a weird one considering it’s been many millenia since i’ve even attempted to write something from this series. Yep. Pokemon. I got bored earlier, and i had my gameboy with me, so the idea just snapped into my head.
Okay. There’re four trainers, Kora, Krai, Mari, and Benji.
Kora and Krai are siblings, possibly twins, haven’t sorted that out yet.
I’m considering making Benji the squallish loner type, but I’m not positive yet. All I know is that all four’re in their mid to late teens, because that sounds like a good idea to me. Plus, it’ll make the story less happy-go-lucky (read: nauseating) and more angsty. And I like angsty.
Ah, I have no clue -why- I wanna write this, but meh, it seems like a good idea at the time.
I’ll put any other ideas I get for this here…
None yet so far, except that the enemy may potentially be called the Cult of Ekans, something like that…
Um. Yeah. I’m bored, can you tell?

A tape recorder works better when trying to remember things.

Nothing crazy about writing Pokemon Fanfics. It was (and still is) a cool RPG long before it was a Kid-Friendly show.

There’s plenty of cool stuff to use in the RPGs: from the very concept of USING super-powered animals as everything from entertainment to hard labor, to the powers they possess. Inventing your own Pokes is fun, as is creating human characters WITH powers of their own.

Think about it: just because the show talks a LOT about the bond between Master and PKMN, it does NOT mean everybody would believe on it. Heck, some people probably ABUSE their PKMN, just like in real life. And just because Team Rocket are losers doesn’t mean all PKMN villains are! Yeah, I’d say there’s plenty of story potential in PKMN- even for dark stories, if you wish. It’s all a matter of how you write it.

I’d say run with it Mars.

nod will do. As soon as i get around to making considerable progress on one of my FF8 AU ficcies.
One of which I’ll post the start of here later on. Now that I have a new PS, and therefore have a way of playing 8 again without the discs being er…mauled (:fungah:), I can actually make character notes and such.

And brutally maul Zell’s character in the process. Hm, I’ve already been called a “D.U.M.B.A.S.S.” (the imbecile’s exact wording) at for giving zell longish hair in stories. There is no justice.

Ahem. On the original topic, I dunno what to do about villains yet. o.o Or the actual story. Pathetic, I know sweatdrop
Bear with me, I’m suffering a writer’s block --’’

Mars: Never mind the opinions of people like that. Fanfics are written to please the AUTHOR, and/or those people in the audience you direct them to. But in the Net, ALL sorts of people will read them, from those who will love them to those who will hate them- regardless of how good it actually IS.

As for FF8 info, replaying is a good idea. You can always also check websites such as our own Final Fantasy Compendium.

And as for the story, remember: you don’t write a story then expect inspiration to come- it’s the other way around. Even if that means waiting a lot between chapters. As I said, you don’t owe fanfics to anyone. Many of us have stories unfinished here, waiting to continue them someday. One thing you can do, is work on ANOTHER story (if you have the inspiration) while you get the impulse to continue the first. Nobody says you have to work on ONE story at a time…