Fan Fiction Ideas

This is a thread for people to post their ideas and like for fan fictions. This will be to help those who have drained their ideas and need some new ones. I.E me. So, let the ideas roll on! :yipee:

Okay, I have an idea about this talking pie, and- wait, Simpsons did it.

Alright, my other idea revolves around this crazy computerized future world where everyone is used as batteries to fuel machines, but they don’t know it because there’s this ‘Matrix’ that- crap.

Or how about this sort of love story about this mercenary, right, who was an orphan and stuff and then there’s this sorceress from the future who actually compresses time resulting in- GODDAMNIT!

How about a buddy story. Everyone likes a buddy story. Here’s a crazy idea, there’s this kid who’s friend is this stuffed tiger and they go down hills in wagons and- SON OF A BITCH.

Looks like I actually don’t have any ideas. Sorry.

Oh, I have many an idea for possible stories, but I fear that I will never get around to writing them. But I wonder if they are really worth posting.

Val, post 'em. It may help someone.

I just posted some in my LJ. I get more ideas in a day than I’ll ever use. Feel free to comment and steal. However, I’m using the AU one!