Fan Fiction 1/4 Done!

Here it is so far, still no title. WARNING: The end of this gets a little graphic.

They say when you betray someone, you betray yourself. Some of that is true. My name is Alton Valentine. My brother, well, half brother was a Shin-Ra Turk, turned AVALANCHE member. My half brother joined the group that killed the legend known as Sephiroth. 
My story starts five years ago. I had just become a first class SOLDIER. I was nineteen. I had just been assigned my first mission, but I was not alone to my relief. My close friend, Alicia would work with me, along with our mission leader, Harris. Harris had the most combat experience in SOLDIER other than Sephiroth. It was rumored that he even survived a duel with Sephiroth. He did not escape injury though. Harris could not see out of his left eye. The fight had also left emotional scars. I heard that we he fought, he envisioned Sephiroth, and fought to the death, no matter who or what he was fighting.
I walked to President Shinra’s office to be briefed on my mission. My heart was pounding. It was my first time meeting our President, and I could not control my nervousness. I met up with my close friend, Alicia by the door to President Shinra’s office. 
“Well if it isn’t Mr. First Class himself?” Alicia laughed as she walked to me. The two of us where in the same basic training group and had been friends ever since. Alicia was very pretty, and I silently harbored strong feelings for her. I couldn’t tell her, as much as I would have loved to. SOLDIER policy was to never marry inside SOLDIER, for fear of another Sephiroth.
“In the flesh.” I joked. “This is your first mission as well, right?”
“Yeah… I’m a little nervous.” She replied.
“I’m not.” I lied, “Harris is the best fighter SOLDIER has now that Sephiroth has gone missing. We’ll be late if we don’t hurry.”
The two of us reached the office, and saw our leader, Harris waiting for us sternly. He lined up beside him as President Shinra briefed us on our mission. 
“Your mission will be relatively easy, considering that this is a first mission for two of you. Four weeks ago, an inspector for us reported something…odd…in Rocket Town. He reported that a smuggling ring is based there. Now, he could not tell us who is behind it, or how they are transporting it. We lost contact with him soon after. Your mission is to go there and find out what exactly is going on there, and to bring back the inspector. You will not be wearing your normal SOLDIER uniform. We want your presence to be as subtle as possible, so we do not ruin our space program there."” President Shinra ordered.
As I left to my quarters to change, Harris stopped me. 
“I’m not going to go light on you, just because you’re a rookie.”
“Sir, I was not expecting you to, sir.” I said back.
“Good, as long as we are on the same page.” Harris replied, walking to his quarters to change. 
After changing into my off duty attire, Alicia and I waited for Harris. 
Alicia turned to me, asking, “Is there a reason we are going unarmed?”
“I don’t know. I hope Harris knows why.” I answered back. Just being around Alicia made me nervous. That worried me. How could I do my best if I couldn’t even stand next to the girl I love?
I had to put my fears aside. We left for Rocket Town soon after. In our transport car, Harris gave us another briefing. 
“When we reach Rocket Town, I will speak to a man named Cid Highwind. He supposedly speaks for the town. You two will interview any other people you wish.”
Alicia piped in the question I was about to ask. “Why are we going in unarmed?”
Harris did not answer back with a reply, but he pointed to a compartment next to his driver’s seat. I opened it about found three different swords. One was our standard Cone Sword, another was a Murasame, and the last one was a sword called The Butterfly Edge. Reaching down, pulling out The Butterfly Edge, and its sheath, I thought about my training and my efforts to become first class. I was fifteen when I left my home in Kalm. It was a bittersweet moment, sometimes I regret, and others I don’t. Noticing that Alicia had fallen asleep, I turned to the window. It was already night, and I had gotten unexpectedly sleepy. 
A large rumble shook our transport, causing it to roll over. I recovered myself after falling onto the other side of our transport. Alicia looked like she was knocked out.
“Take her somewhere safe, I’ll handle things outside!” Harris ordered.
“Yes sir! The town Nibelheim is just ahead!” I replied, picking up Alicia’s limp body. 
Carrying Alicia, I saw why Harris was made our commander. A pack of Nibel Wolves had set up a trap, causing the transport to roll over. Harris took the Murasame, confronting the ten wolves. Two wolves charged at Harris. One of the wolves took a lunge at him, while the other walked to him. Harris stepped to the side, letting the wolf go past him. While the wolf was in the air, Harris slew it down by thrusting his weapon through the back. The next wolf attacked. Harris spun around, beheading the wolf. Harris attacked the remaining eight wolves’ head on. Two where felled with one powerful slash. Harris leaped into the air, slicing one wolf into two. The last five wolves retreated away. 
I looked to Harris as he walked to me, still holding Alicia. He was covered in the wolves’ blood. What I saw in Harris’ eyes, send a chill down my spine. He was slowly going insane.

Very good. Why don’t you like my title ;_; (j/k)

Pretty cool, the only thing that seems a little out of place, is that they are DRIVING from Midgar, to Rocket Town. Which is physically impossible in the game.

But I guess your fanfic, your world, your rules, right?

I know it’s impossible, and thanks for pointing that out. I’ll add in some dialouge while they are on the transport boat. :cool:

Only if that is what you want. I just wanted to point out the little error I noticed.

But like I said earlier, your fanfic, your world, your rules.

Yeah, but in my fan fictions, I try to stay close to the game, but also ab lib a bit. Like the first female SOLDIER. I’ve never seen one in an FF7 fan fic, so I decided to make her that way. Sounds self centered, but I’d like to have a small interview to describe my characters and stories.

It looks good. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to read more. I didn’t notice anything wrong.

Looks good, Swift :slight_smile:

And I’ve seen a female SOLDIER, but I wouldn’t count her considering she was only out to boink all the cute, evil guys -_-;;

Looks good, Swift :slight_smile:

And I’ve seen a female SOLDIER, but I wouldn’t count her considering she was only out to boink all the cute, evil guys -_-;;