Family Guy: The Untold Story

Just watched the movie. Freaking hilarious.

Anyone else seen it?

There is a movie now? ;_; must see.


It’s coming out sometime September, but I obtained it… illegaly >_>;;

Is there anyway I can obtain it… illegaly >_>;;

:moogle: Cheater you wait like the rest of us.

Yea, i got it a few days ago. Wasn’t really that good, i didn’t think. It almost seemed like they took a bunch of finished shows, slammed them together, and added an intro.

Is it coming to theatres? Or Straight to DVD?

Available September 27th, 2005 on DVD and UMD, so I assume it’s a straight-to-video release. I think this is being released at an inappropriate time in the series’ popularity. If this was released before the new season started, or perhaps after the show is cancelled again, I imagine it’d be more popular.

Getting it right now.

I obtained it…illegally, and already watched it.

The first half hour is an independent episode. Although one event is mentioned again during the third part of the movie, there’s no mention of anything else happening during that half hour. Besides that, I laughed my ass off, and am anxiously awaiting the official release.

Yeah, I’m gonna watch it, and I’ll end up buying it regardless.

Fucking awesome.

“Oh, I broke my hip.”

No, Havent seen it. I will when I get the chance though.

I especially liked Michael Clarke Duncan as the voice of “Ron.” That was just freaking hilarious. :smiley:

Well, I’m afraid I’m going to have to wait to obtain it…legally.

I’ll be buying it legally, too. I just wanted to watch it first. :smiley: