Family guy kicks ass

that’s all. :suckah:

This does not belong here. If I were still a moderator here, I’d give this thread such a lockdown… shakes fist

EDIT: Futurama and Duckman are better.


tolly band

Seriously, stuff like this belongs in the Main Forum, I think. I’ve seen stupider topics.

Nah, American Dad has cooler characters.

Good effing lord, why is that gaming help topics meant for this forum are posted in the Main Forum while topics probably meant for the Main Forum go HERE?

Dalton’s right, Duckman is definitely better.

Take-Two has the game rights.

BAH! sea lab 2021 and the aqua teen hunger force can out kick-ass any other show ever (except the animated Godzilla)

We all know that Undergrads is the greatest animated television programme evor.

I have to agree with Setz here.

Futurama better…now I must quote:

Bender: Forget it, you can’t tempt me!

Robot Devil: So there’s NOTHING that you want?

Bender: Ooooooh, I forgot that you can tempt me with things I want!

Nope, Duckman is better.

EDIT: Setz, you just made me remember Undergrads, Mission Hill and The Oblongs. How I miss them.

Suicide booths > All

But as a show, Family Guy’s awesome. Wouldn’t know, though; I’ve just seen a coupla eps on DVD, and I haven’t seen any other shows. TV rots the mind.

I remember Duckman. Damn, that was an awesome show. It was back on when MTV’s The Head was on television. Both were truly awesome shows.

Your all wrong… The simpsons is the best animated cartoon ever! (I’d have to say Family Guy is the second)

Did you realize he has an Aqua Teen Hunger Force avatar? O_o

Yep. The Simpsons are and always will be the greatest.

Duckman is still the best humourous cartoon, in my heart.

Speaking of which, does anyone know of the name of the science-fiction-esque show that came on before it? I can’t remember which channel it was… but the show was really weird, but awesome, and had this whole thing with a ‘pointless revolving door.’

Weird Science!

No, 'cos WS wasn’t animated, was it?