Family Guy is so awesome.

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Take on me, take me on
I’ll be gone
In a day or two

That episode was hilarious.

OMG! I am loving the new season!!!

Lois: Chris, where have you been?

Chris: I DON’T KNOW!!!

Stewie: Hey Brian. Hows that novel coming? Huh? Got some interesting characters? Yeah?

Man I don’t think I’ve seen that episode… must be new. I haven’t seen any of the new ones lately because I’ve been working practically every sunday. blah

Family guy makes me wish I had cable TV.


I’d say the best part of the latest episode is where Peter is entertaining terminally diseased children.

Peter: Well I was down at the DMV the other day, long lines, long lines, but you’ll find that out when you’re older-

I cried, I was laughing so hard.

to all the people without TV, all I have to say is…

tor_ent spy*

I am TV less as well but I’ve seen all this season’s new episodes commercial free!

letter left out so that you can’t say I’m advocating anything illegal. I didn’t name any names. I just gave you a direct enough hint so that there could be no ambiguity about what I’m talking about*

no political message intended*


he said he didn’t know so it’s all good now

I wish I knew when it was on so I could watch it legally. Damn MDT and my cable’s crappy programming never showing anything good at time when I’m not working.

It’s on Fox at 9PM EST, and on Cartoon Network at random-ass times.

<B>Peter</B>: QUICK! To the Hinden-Peter!
<B>Zeppelin with Peter’s face on it flies past and audibly crashes</B>
<B>Peter voice (offscreen)</B>: Oh, oh my God, Joe, I am SO sorry!
<B>Joe’s voice</B>: Where do you keep getting MONEY for these things?!?!

Peter: There’s only one slice of blueberry pie left so we’re going to have a contest to see who gets it. These are bottles of epicac I got at the drugstore. Whoever’s the last to vomit wins. Ready? Go.

All take a sip

Peter: You know that blueberry pie is sooo good I wish I had a piece right - blauuuugh!

Brian: Looks like you lose Peter, I - blauuugh!

Stewie: Well, after you’re gone fatty, I’ll be enjoying my - blauuuugh!

Chris: Alright! I win that pie is mi- blauuugh!

  • all start randomly vomiting*

Stewie: Don’t wanna, don’t wanna vo- blauuugh!

Chris: Oh, God! Make it stop!

Peter: Lois. Lois, help - blauuugh!

Lois: Hey everybody, who wants some bluberry pie?

  • everybody vomits*

alright, I’m looking to pick a major fight here, but like, Family Guy just isn’t funny. It’s not a good show. Retorts?

(I’ve had this argument over Family Guy with a lot of people the last six months, so I’m ready for something heated if there are takers).

Pft, I’d argue, but you’re <i>soooo</i> not worth it Merl.


Did you just pfffft me little <strike>admin</strike> man?

There’s a download of the original A-ha video over at Scenestars.

And you have to compare Family Guy to the other shows on TV right now. It’s miles ahead of the Simpsons, but not as good as Arrested Development.

What’s so unfunny about it? It makes references just like any other cartoon… I think most popular cartoons live off of the funnyness of making fun of some other pop culture icons. That, and they’ve had some pretty unique plots, especially lately. I expect your retort to be as painful as a ball of magma, but whatever.

hugs Bakufan19 I’ve always loved the song and it’s odd, but neat video.

Yes. You, sir, are a card-carrying Communist who wipes himself daily with scraps of Old Glory after your morning ritual. Given your characterization of Family Guy, I suspect you get your jollies by digging up the dead bodies of nuns and having sex with them just to see if your lord and master, SATAN, will take notice. You enjoy tipping baby carriages over as you walk down the sidewalk searching for kind old grandmothers to push into the path of moving traffic. And last but not least, you pissed in our porridge. ALL of our porridge.

Family Guy is really hit or miss. Some people love it, some people hate it. And it appears both sides of the fence can never understand the other.

Me? I find it hilarious, because I’m willing to suspend belief while I’m watching it, and just enjoy it for what it is. But the fact remains that the majority of Family Guy’s humor is really really crude. It’s excessively crude, without becoming TOO lewd. It’s like, Crude Squared, or something. I will give the writers credit, they are good at what they do, and they’re able to keep the show nice and balanced.

But still, I can see how a lot of people just don’t like it. A lot of the humor comes off as being really stupid (Peter: Wow this is even more intense than that time I forgot how to sit down.), and relies on knee-jerk reactions, and people getting hit and/or hurt very suddenly, and without warning. Also, the show loves to bring in random-as-hell references that only a small minority of people will really ‘get’, some will get a good laugh due to a vague idea of where it comes from, and others will just be left scratching their heads.

On the one hand, the show appears to be a random mish-mash of stuff thrown together, likely by people high on stuff we could only dream of getting our hands on. But on the other, it can also appear to be the most sublime, hilarious, show out there.

Me, I just find it funny. And prefer to just take it for what it is. But if you don’t like it, that’s fine too. I won’t go defending it until I’m blue in the face as if by not liking it you’ve somehow insulted me, like so many other fandoms out there. :wink:

It’s amazing what Family Guy can do. I’m watching something that should make me feel offended but instead I just laugh it off. Like the episode with Mel Gibson.

Lois: Mel Gibson just walked off to his death…
Peter: Of course, Lois. Christians don’t believe in gravity.

I’m like what the heck ARE they talking about and why am I laughing at it? Don’t even get me started on the The Passion of The Christ 2: Crucify This segment. I felt bad laughing actually.