Fallout 3

So I picked this up yesterday, and I’m having a good time with it. I enjoyed the small amount of Oblivion I played, but I found it tedious to travel as well as stay on the main storyline. It just wasn’t linear - at all. Fallout takes those enjoyable open world elements and adds a path to it.


The only thing that bugged me about Fallout 3 were the Brotherhood of Steel. I can’t help but see the inner D&D nerds of Bethesda and its fucking embarrassing. Everything felt perfect until I ran into a colony of fucking Manus Deis. It broke the 4th wall like a giant mutant.

Played Broken Steel yet Sin? You might like one of the possible conclusions to it. :slight_smile:

I played through the anchorage expansion and was so disgusted with its poor quality that I refused to purchase any other expansion.

More fool you- Anchorage is easily the weakest of the five by some distance. The Pitt is… okay, as a one-off, but Broken Steel and Point Lookout are more than worth the price of admission (I could take or leave Mothership Zeta).

Yeah, the Brotherhood of Steel are fucked in the 3rd game. They were a lot more morally gray in the 1st and 2nd games, and I was disappointed not to see that.

You gotta love their robot, though.

Wait, how were the Brotherhood of Steel not morally grey in the third game? They weren’t focussed on the same brutally utilitarian ideas of saving human culture above human life, but that doesn’t really mean they were much “better” than their past incarnations.

They were clearly meant to be the “good” choice in the third game, whether or not their actions are good. The writers clearly side with them.

When you start meeting the Brotherhood of Steel, the Brotherhood of Steel are different from their previous incarnations. The one in 3 decidde to abandon their original mission in order to help people. The members of the Brotherhood of Steel that chose to obey their original mission to gather knowledge and technology are called the Outcast. They’re complete fucking assholes.

I’ll probably pick this up over Christmas break. I played a bit of it at my friends house (from birth to escaping the vault) and I loved it.

Yeah, I bought this used at first but then I returned it for the GOTY edition. This is easily the most addictive title I’ve played this year.

I dig the game, but even with the ability to do the quick point-to-point travel (brilliant idea well on par with the development of pausable/skippable cutscenes a couple years ago) I find myself getting bogged down with constant trips back to town to unload loot/heal/etc.

Thus I found myself grinding to a halt shortly after you take down the big mutant in the city center with a mini-nuke while aiding the Brotherhood.

I just did Tranquility Lane and man… that’s gotta be one of the most memorable moments of a game for me. What a trip!

This game’s pretty sweet. I’d say it’s top 10.

With all the talk here I gave in and started playing it (so I find myself with a spare Xmas break). VATS works pretty well when you need it but I still have to find out if higher AG gives an edge when it comes to fleeing. I also like the tone of the game so far.

Not really. The Enclave, raiders, super mutants, and Talon Company are all worse, but there are far “better” choices in the world; Fawkes, The Underworld (for the most part), Megaton, and most of the communities of people that are just trying to survive are the “good guys.” Even tragic figures like Charon have more going for them than racist, self-righteous assholes in power suits on power trips.

Well, they abandon their original mission in order to help people look normal while indiscriminately murdering ghouls and acting like you’re a pussy for wanting one of them to sacrifice herself after you’ve done fucking everything else for them, even though you aren’t a soldier and she is. In fact, you’re just a nineteen year-old kid whose dad they let die because they didn’t feel like he was important enough. I can’t see a way to come out of the game not thinking the Brotherhood are shit-heads.

They’re better than the regular brotherhood, as far as I’m concerned. They’re cold, arrogant, and abrupt, but that’s better than self-righteous, arrogant, still pretty cold, racist, and abrupt.

I agree, I liked the Outcast a lot more. Less hypocrisy blended into self righteousness.

Well then I’m glad I saved Fawkes, because I totally accidentally set him on fire.

This game is super awesome. I’ve loved it every step of the way, in fact, I only last night got a little bored with it in Vault 87. This one seems big, like 101 is, bigger than 112. I’m way overleveled though, I’m wandering around Vault 87 at level 21 with a maxed out Small Guns stat. By the way, is it more worth it to build up Explosives, Energy Weapons or Big Guns? Even though it’s maxed out, there are a few enemies that my weapons are largely ineffective with (like Super Mutant Masters and Ghoul Reavers and most guys in Power Armor, except at close range).

Are you referring to walk/run speed? I think the stat for this is endurance, and it doesn’t increase your movement speed, but allows you to carry more stuff. I think you move faster when your load is lighter. But you do run faster when your weapon is holstered. I’m not 100% sure on this except for Agilty not controlling your movement speed (would be a great perk though).

The landscape and scenery of this game is pretty phenomenal, easily the best I’ve seen. I thougt GTA4 was good - not only are the graphics stellar but the detail leaves you almost horrified.

Yes. I know about the holstering thing, but coming from the agility-based walking speed of the two first Fallouts (in turn-based mode, actually), I thought it might carry over.

Anyway, I rather like how you have to navigate the landscape to reach the places you want to. I also got whooped a few times by stronger enemies, which is always good in a Fallout game in my book.

I have to say, I tried this game for the first time about a week ago, and I got bored like…instantly. Like, from what I understand, the reliving the childhood years is actually the character creation process…and I got bored before even that ended. “Alright son, it’s time for your G.O.A.T exam!” “Yeah what-the-fuck-ever dad.” Does this game pick up a lot after that?

Yes, yes it does. By a lot.