Fallout 3 Wiki?

I admit, I’ll probably never play this; but, I know there’s GOT to be some of you playing it! Such a game with tons of possibilities sounds like the kind of game that needs a wiki, badly.

So, if you’re playing Fallout 3, EPICGAMER, don’t be shy!

So like, is this Wiki thing officially online yet, or are you waiting for a bigger core of info before making it officially available to the public? How much longer?

I’m knee-deep in Order of Ecclesia right now. FO3 must be huge.

It’s tough, cos a lot of people aren’t participating in discussions, and there’s not a lot of pressure on the people that can officially get something done to get something done.

As for being available to the public, I’m going to announce my completed shrine on the main page as soon as someone sends me the password to the update log (which I asked for a whole week ago, just to give you an idea of how slow things are moving :/). Anyone who has a link to the wiki can register, login, and start creating and editing pages already.

Perhaps creating a new thread for the wiki would be better? If one isn’t interested in Mother 3 or the new castlevania it’d be easy to forget the wiki exists.

What about games like FFVI and VII? And Suikoden II? I haven’t played any recent RPGs, but I know those ones inside out, and if you’re looking for minute details like boss strategies that belong in a wiki or something, I could contribute a lot to those nodes. Like, novels worth.

I was actually thinking of whipping up a Mario and Luigi shrine myself, but a wiki could be a better place to start from. Plus the games are easy enough to play through that I might be able to get through them done in time for the third M&L game.

Any objections?

One thing I’ve seen is that there’s usually a better site that has much more detailed info on a game than we could hope to get (case in point:Mother 3). I’d put more on the Mother 3 shine, but it’s practically overshadowed by the one Starmen.net has put up. It’s damn comprehensive and has all the technical crap you wouldn’t know unless you looked in the game code. (They’re the only reason I still remembered about the 3% drops.)

But, I could whip up a shrine for Soma Bringer, since nobody else really has much anything else for it. Wouldn’t be too hard since the game itself explains a lot of its mechanics. And I know an crazy amount of info about it already from playing the hell out of it.

Speaking of which…I don’t think FFVI’s walkthrough was ever completed, since it cut off at Kefka’s Tower (or somewhere before there).

There hasn’t been a lot of discussion yet about converting existing shrines like FF6 and FF7, though I intend to start a discussion about it by the end of this week (the wiki has to take a second priority for me at the time - finishing the SaGa Frontier shrine put me behind in school work :/). As for Suikoden 2, there’s no shrine for that, yeah? Go ahead. Make a page. Write stuff. You don’t have to work on just new games, by any means.

Obviously, I think we want to try and keep some of the focus concentrated on a few Shrines right now in order to test it out. It would seem rather willy-nilly to have like the Armor page from Suiko2, Characters from Mario and Luigi 3, and Bosses from Skies of Arcadia. Once it’s a generally public thing, willy-nilly have it. Right now, though, it’s partially a test to see how the actual process works out.

Starmen.net’s walkthrough wasn’t even finished the last time I looked at it a week ago.

Yeah, it’s missing some stuff here and there, but what’s done is pretty detailed. Regardless, when I get some time, I’ll finish listing the item lists and skills. May as well finish what we started.

You may kiss the bride.

I’m with Hades on that one. I don’t really know anything about more recent RPGs but when the time comes to transfer information from a to b then I would be more than interested.

Eh, dont think Starmen’s is that great, some of the guides on gamefaqs are waay more comprehensive, theirs skips over alot of items, presents, etc.

But on a side note, coming from a new member I think this wiki idea is awesome. I never made a shine or FAQ cause I never really could see it through till the end but with a wiki I just have to do part of the work :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this thing will really take off as soon as more people know about it. Probably the reason the Saga Frontier is the most complete one right now is because its being talked about on the GameFAQs boards (thats how I got here). Plus Skankin’ Garbage does awesome work.

But yea, I’m in the process of taking screenshots of everything imaginable in Saga Frontier, and on the side I’ve started making maps of Mother 3 (take that Starmen HA).


I know I’ve told you a million times, but you’re something else, making friggin’ maps. You should make a map of the Black Ray for my shrine :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job, yeah. How do you make them?

I don’t want to be the one to naysay, but you should consider a better naming convention for your images. The filenames are very generic and should probably include the name of the game they’re being created.

Lol, I was just thinking about that yesterday, I guess the thought didn’t occur till then that as more wikis are added names will start to overlap, I’ll go back and change them to include the game name like Mother 3/xxxx.png

Well to make those kind of maps for most games you just take a bunch of screenshots (with just the layers you want enabled ex. sprites and layer with clouds turned off) then open them up in an editing program join them all together by matching up the pixels. Then you would rip the sprites you want and add them in a similar fashion (treasure boxes, characters, etc).

However for Mother a guy made a program which rips the maps making it a whole lot easier, so I only have to do the second of those two steps.

Sure thing, when I actually get to that part