Fall Of The Evil Empire: ALCS 2004

Well, The Boston Red Sox did the unthinkable tonight. They not only came back from a 3-0 deficit to force a Game 7 against the New York Yankees, but won game 7 10-4. Who’s Your Daddy Now, Steinbrenner?

Not that many here at RPGC will care, but it’s a wonderful feeling.

I imagine Lucifer must be feeling a slight chill right now.

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As for me, I will be doing a private celebration of this victory, Dedicating my first drink to David Ortiz, the Red Sox DH and ALCS MVP. My second drink will be dedicated to Curt Schilling, the Sox pitcher who overcame a gimpy ankle(which will require surgery in the offseason) to pitch the Game 6 victory. And My Third(but not final) Drink will be dedicated to Terry Francona, the Manager. All other drinks will be dedicated to the fall of the Evil Empire

I’d assume so, seeing as how the flapping of Lucifier’s wings create gusts of cold air that cause even the lowest and most fierce level of hell to freeze. There’s gotta be some chills involved there.

As I said in the chat, this is merely the Curse reaching new heights. The Sox are known for their spectacular defeats. Surging ahead after being three games down in the series is typical Sox fair. They will continue to surge ahead in the World Series, winning probably the first three games. Then the mistakes will happen, and they will blow it in the most dramatic fashion possible in Game 7. They are the Red Sox after all.

And if they do win, that’s great too.

Maybe in a division series, but no one had done it in an LCS until this one. And the Sox have never beaten the Yankees in the playoffs, until now.

True, they are the Red Sox. And Bill Buckner will only be forgiven if Boston does win.
Like you said, The Curse of the Bambino isn’t over yet. But The Red Sox beating the Yanks in the playoffs is the equivalent to finally taking a stand to the bully on the block and kicking his ass. And it would be fucking awesome if they won. I find myself rooting for them every year in the playoffs, because out of the teams that make it(cause everyone knows my Reds suck) the Sox are my favorite.


Fucking awesome!

As I’ve said often, at least you had a team.

Hey, it’s almost like a “Miracle on Ice” - USA vs USSR in 1980 Winter Olympics. Way to go Beantown!

Oh, I know. That’s why I semi-jokingly referred to this as the Curse going to new heights, letting the Sox do something never done before only to shatter their dreams.

After those first three games, I genuinely thought it was over for the Sox. I don’t even care if they win the World Series, I’m just happy that they upsurped New York. Take THAT Yankees!

Oh IT’s was shown live in the UK on Five. pity I was sleeping. The World Series. That game Highlights proberbly on during the Intervals for the rest of the Off season.

Big Nutter
I think Merl not gonna appear, If his team Won,…

This is awesome. Of course, I would have been amused either way, since at least half of the ops on one of the IRC channels I hang out in were wagering the little @ next to their names on either one team or the other.


Yeah, it was cool to see them come back from 3-0. So that’s good and done with, I’m just hoping Houston wins Game 7 of the NLCS. I’ve been a fan of the Astros since I could like, talk :stuck_out_tongue:

And there was much rejoicing, I suppose.

Yesterday was the greatest day in Red Sox history…

Too bad it won’t mean shit unless they win the World Series…

Without winning the WS, the curse won’t be broken.

Remember - Buckner

They better fuckin’ win. Everyone’s all hyped now. Well, if not, then I can at least justify my “they better fuckin’ lose” attitude.