Fahrenheit - The Unknown Ship

OK, unless someone can give me some definitive proof that Fahrenheit is the name of the FFX airship, I ain’t takin’ it. Its the name of the airship in Bahamut Lagoon, yes. The Celsisus is the name of the airship in FFX-2, yes. But I ain’t found a scrap of evidence that Fahrenheit + FFX = Airship name. A moogle doll to the first person who can give me clear cut, valid, trustworthy evidence.

It’s one of those pervasive Internet rumors that just makes sense, but seems to have come from nowhere.

This matters. Really. It might refract the direction of your life.

Sorry, but theWallflower and I run a website dedicated to being as accurate as possible about the FF series. That’s its entire raison d’etre. Nitpicking is part of the job. If you want to disparage that, you shouldn’t be here in the first place.

i saw on wikipedia that it came from the ffx international vrsion, ironically only availble in japan.

Haven’t seen that anywhere either.

“Although not revealed during the game, the sequel stated that this airship was called Fahrenheit.”

found at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Final_Fantasy_airships

Sorry, but that’s about as substantial as the info I can find as of yet is.

Someone answered your post/edit/whatever in Wikipedia. It seems looking through the Japanese version by yourself is the only way to be absolutely sure.

Sigh… it really is sad how much FF “knowledge” is based off of a single person’s translation of all this Ultimania. X-X I’d feel better if there were at least a second independent translation.

You should see what it’s like in the TYPE-MOON fanbase. A buttload of random terminology that basically depends on two people, one of which is pretty bad at explaining things and one which just HAS to use different terms than everyone else for almost no reason and has no intention of explaining stuff in non-specialized language.

What can I say, shit happens. My condolences.


This place said the airship was referred to as Fahrenheit in X-2, I’m going to read through the game script on gamefaqs for a more definite answer.

Don’t forget that once something is posted somewhere (especially e.g. Wikipedia), it’s immediately disseminated. If the original article says something, even if it’s not true, lots of other sites will soon say the same thing.

Btw, the guy who responded to me said the reference was to the FFX-2 Ultimania Guide, not the game itself. You won’t find it in the script.

Yeah, I did a search for the word inside the .txt file and it wasn’t there. I’ve checked all of the sites that I know of and none of the said anything about the ship being called Fahrenheit, except for wikipedia which can’t be taken as accurate…

And please note that the wikipedia entry says ‘citation needed’. Until I get that citation, no dice. And the Omnipelagos entry is just a direct quote from Wikipedia (or vicey versy).

Simplest way to get an answer I guess would be to ask square directly. They made the game so they’d know.

I may do just that. :sunglasses: I’ll report back if/when I get a reply.

EDIT: Wow, that was quick. :sunglasses: As usual, no direct quotes, but after asking a translator from FFX and one from FFX-2, my contact has confirmed that there is no official English name given to the airship, and the materials they have on hand don’t indicate that there was any official Japanese name either.