Fahrenheit 9/11

I saw it, and I’m still kind of intensed up by it. It was a REALLY good movie. But its effect was less intellectual and far more emotional. I got really sad at some parts of it, and really mad at some parts of it, and I know I wasn’t the only one because like, everybody around me was as profoundly emotionally affected as I was. I mean…there were a lot of really good, really important intellectual points which only added to the rage I was feeling at the Bush administration by the end of the movie, but this is not a normal documentary. This is like…this is like a call to arms, a call for people who are sort of putting all this stuff out of their minds to truly get enraged at the grave moral injustices being committed by this administration. It’s really good at that, too.

It might be looked at being just a leftist propaganda film because of the utter emotional power it had, but I don’t really see it as such. I mean…these were hard facts it backed up its rage with. Many many civilians died in Iraq. Many soldiers are disgusted by what they have to do. American casualties are growing fast. Saudi oil barons have a lot of money invested in huge sectors of the U.S. economy, and Bush and Cheney are tied inextricably to those sectors. President Bush was looking for an excuse to take out Iraq since he took office, so that corporate interests could cash in on the oil found on Iraqi soil. All this stuff is kind of “old news,” as in, it’s all been available to the public. But Moore puts it together really well, and really does a good job getting us pissed about it. I mean…look, just watch it. These are things that actually exist and it is STUPID, STUPID to believe otherwise. And along the way, be enraged. I mean, seriously…it’s worth being really pissed off about.

According to MSNBC Live this afternoon, the death toll has passed 1,000 casualties since the war “ended.” Over 850 of those were civilians.

7:45 showing. wutwut!

The local theatre isn’t showing it, because Lowe’s Cinema fucking sucks.

It’s not coming out here in town. But that’s what I get for living in hicksville. I’m not real excited over it, but if it’s as good as Mazrim Taim says I should probably shell out some bills and go to Dallas or Abilene to see it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of big theater companies, after seeing how much money it makes for the independent theaters, decide to show it anyways. I mean, where I went to see it, it was the night before, and already showings for the next three days were sold out. I mean, it’s incredible. I’m thinking about going and seeing it again, both because I wanna support the local independent theater (I didn’t have to pay last night cause I went with a staff member), and because it was a really great movie. Dude, Loki, you should try and find a way so you can see it, like…even if it involves a lot of transportation. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

I’d really, really love to see it- but if I can’t see it at the local theatre I’ll have to have a bunch of people who would watch it with me, and I fell out with the only group of friends that would be interested. =p

Shit, the theatre’s around here aren’t showing it for the next few weeks, and after that they don’t know what they’re showing… looks like I actually have to pirate this thing to see it x.x;

Edit: Shit, I had a group of about 10 people that wanted to go see it, many of them work with me.

Well, I’m surprised that so many people are having a hard time seeing it where they are. Hell, it’s showing at the Empire Theaters here in freaking <i>Newfoundland</i> so it can’t be that bad.

Then again, us people of Canada aren’t as sensitive to the political controversy surrounding the film.

I plan to go see it as soon as I get the chance.

A lot of small towns (especially in Texas, since this is where Dubya is from) either aren’t showing it at all or are just waiting forever. This town isn’t exactly tiny, with a population of around 100k, but it’s VERY pro-Bush, so it’s only natural that even the big theatres like Cinemark Tinseltown aren’t showing it.

Well, it’s going to be the smaller theaters, not the big ones, that show it, because big theaters are much less willing to piss people off, since they require a much greater audience to make profits.

Oh. Wow. I was looking at wednesday’s papers- that’s why… hahahaha!

EDIT: Oh- Maz: I think that they are actually likely to show it. Controversy actually sells LOTS of tickets- including to people that are just going to see the movie to get enraged.

All the big theaters around me are showing it :smiley: I’m prob’ly gonna see it tonight after I go to Universal Studios.

Why aren’t theaters here showing it! ;_;

I’ll have to download this and also download <i>Michael Moore Hates America</i> when <i>it</i> comes out too.

Yeah Loki, good point. Actually the bigger theaters around here are showing it too, though this is definitely a liberal sorta area. Maybe theaters where you live don’t think they’ll make a lot of money on it, Steve. Tough break, but you should find a way to see it anyways.

I just saw it at the largest chain theatre we have her. United artists/Regal. The entire showing for tonight was sold out, and it was packed with man people sitting on the floor.

God knows that i am too pissed off right now to say anything remotely coherent. Listen to what maz says, as he is good with words and has said everything i want too.

Also, please dont believe the media in their little “this is just michael moore trying to help kerry”. Although maybe he does have that agenda, he presents alot of amazing and important facts that every american should know.

Well, I got a “Vote Kerry” button after the movie. It’s pretty funny, it says “Bring back complete senteces. Kerry for President”.

It’s pretty good. I’m not exactly enraged, I kinda thought it went on for too long. It was also not quite as funny as I thought it would be, especially after the trailer.

I went to see it today, and it was sold out all day. I’m angry to not have seen the film, but I’m sort of happy knowing that a large amount of people want to see it.

Ok ok, calm down liberal lapdogs!!

There’s a site you should check out before you believe everything that fat moron tries to tell you