Fading Victory: The Diary of Admiral Matome Ugaki, 1941-1945

I just got this book recentlly and I must say it is the best WWII Pacific book one can read. As the title says it is his diary and a long one too. It is very detailed on Uagaki’s mind set but this diary however is a war diary, he mentions his personal life rarely though. During my studies of Japanese admirals of WWII the two Admirals I like the most are Admiral’s Yamamoto and Nagumo. Ugaki however I didn’t like too much, mainly because he did not believe the Americans had broken the Japanese code and did not want to change them. However after reading this book for a little bit I have found a new respect for him. Admiral Ugaki died in a Kamikaze attack on August 14th, 1945. I recommend this book to everyone. However it is out of print and can only be bought used.