Let’s say you accepted a friend request from your cousins, and due to this you receive friend requests from your aunt and uncle? How would you handle this?

I severed facebook contact with my cousins. I fully expect to get a phone call from my dad in the next week but I don’t give no fucks, the internet is no place for family.

I dunno, I don’t really care. My dad is my friend on Facebook, and my Girlfriend’s mom is, too. If they don’t like what I decide to put up there, they can just delete me or stop paying attention.

It’s not about what I put up, I don’t care about that. I really just don’t want the direct line of contact. I’m a terrible nephew for that but honestly I don’t enjoy these people.

I make it a point to not be friends with people of the same age group as my parents.

Only semi-family member I’m FB friends with is my cousin’s wife. However, I have only four cousins, three of whom I haven’t seen since I was like 6. This one cousin is the only one I speak to on some sort of regular basis.

The woes of having a gargantuan extended family like me is that second and first cousins all seem to roll into one, and I have, like, twenty of them. I actually found most of them on facebook ages ago, but none of them added me- and if they did, I’d quite casually ignore them until the problem went away. Simple, really. :slight_smile:

Wanna know how I handle stuff like that? I simply ignore it. Or forget about it. Whichever happens first. Thank god I don’t have stuff like that happen often.

I mean, I have a pretty big family and all, but most of them are much older than I am, and have better things to do (i.e. take care of kids, life, and so on) than mess with Facebook.

Just accept them, its only facebook for chrissakes. Its not like they could be potential stalkers or something. At least that would be my attitude.

(and I’ve accepted all my cousins’ friend requests).

I don’t want my family anywhere near any online social network I’m on.

Wow, I wish my relatives thought I was cool enough to add on Facebook!!

I agree. I would never be facebook friends with any of my family other than my brother. They and I would not like that.

If you don’t want to friend them, then just ignore the friend request. You can say you forget to check that request or something if your aunt and uncle ask.

Since I like my aunt(she’s only a few years older than me) I just friended her, then remembered that I was out on facebook. Oops.

No need to overthink what you do on Facebook. If you don’t want them to see what you’re posting, don’t add them.

I friended my cousins, siblings and one aunt who I see 2-3 times a year.

Completely ignored my dad’s request.

Well, okay, but you asked how I would handle it, heh. I personally enjoy my relatives, so I would probably be happy to have them on Facebook. I have quite a few relatives on there already.

Facebook’s privacy settings are pretty granular. You can limit what parts of your page certain people can see. For example, my brother locked my mother out of most of his stuff.

If you think it’s worth the hassle, just go to Settings / Privacy Settings. After you lock them out, just say you don’t use the site very much and they won’t know the difference.

I just recently got a Facebook account. I already know I’ll never add a relative('less they are my relative secretly). I dislike my brothers greatly.