I got some friend requests from a Joshua Bryant and a Curtis Klaw, are any of you plebs one of these people?

I’m a wild pig!


It was the other Curtis :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I added everyone from the RPGC group, just to see who everyone was. If you want to keep your friends list to people you actually know or talk with, that’s cool :slight_smile:

(I have no idea who Joshua Bryant is :P)

I am Joshua Bryant.

… in another universe…

Actually, it’s Adam Lankford, JSU. Hit me up.

You’re already in my friend list man. Pay attention.

Curtis Klaw sounds like the name of some action film star slash fighting game character. Like Johnny Cage.

Maybe he’ll get a PHD then he can be Dr. Klaw.

Who’s <strike>Adam</strike> and who’s Billy?

I also have no idea who Joshua is.

I’m the black guy. I’m not sure that answers your question Cless.

Indeed, small introductions wouldn’t hurt… or would they? It is a matter of privacy, of course…

(RPGC Mugtome is the group name.)

Hahaha, yeah, my parents had a sense of humor :stuck_out_tongue: Actually, I think at least 5 people on my facebook list don’t know me at all and added me because of the name :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, sorry to all those people who got friend requests from me and have no idea who I was.

I made a little topic on the group where you can post your nick if you want (do it).

someone add me so joe cherkoff can be my fb friend -> http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=698004637

It’s a good thing we have facebook, or else we might have to use an internet forum to communicate D:

PS Epic PM me your facebook shizz


Good one dev.

wtf is the “6th RPGC Unformal Programme Committee”, and the "
Bitter & twisted ex-slaves of RPGC" group all about. o_O;

escapees of eden’s mines, obviously

Goddammit, Eden, I TOLD YOU we needed to fix that crack in the wall even if there was just a sea of lava behind it!

Argh, stupid facebook. Stop tempting me to join :frowning: