I just picked this one up and even though I’m only a few hours in I can already tell that I’m gonna love it. I thought I’d make a thread since the sequel comes out soon.


What’s the sequel called?

I played through Fable: The Lost Chapters (Original Fable + extended storyline) and really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the different ways you can customize your character and the way scars formed if you are injured in battle.


Personally, I was dissapointed. Too short, didn’t deliver much of what was promised and I hated the pathetically blatant PURE GOOD/PURE EVIL choices.

Fable 2.

According to some people, it’s hit-or-miss. My friends have played it and enjoyed it. I read up on it once and it looked pretty exciting. But I have a lack of an Xbox at the moment, so I haven’t played it. I’m tempted to get the PC version, but Fable 2 is coming out here pretty soon so I might try that instead.

Fable 2…I was hoping the game developers might develop a sense of orignality in the naming department this time around.

I played on PC and enjoyed it. Move buttons/hotkeys than XBox :slight_smile:

I already reserved Fable 2. I haven’t played the original though, it seems good enough and the sequel is going to be great. I hope.

Anyways I got the pub games, Keystone and Fortune’s Tower are both good, but I have to say I hate Spinnerbox, it’s near impossible to win tournaments. It’s like trying to win at least 100 dollars off of a 10 cent slot machine.

Same here, except I didn’t bother with the pub games- when I was told by a friend like ‘one game was like deal or no deal but the others were shit’ my enthusiasm for them kinda waned.

I loved it, but it was a little disappointing. Such as I love the power up system, but it didn’t allow you go down one path and didn’t last long enough. Plenty of fun though. I can’t wait for Fable 2.

I really liked the original, but it wasn’t really difficult enough, especially if you play with an archer.