Fable - Dual-Wielding

I heard the other day that you could dual-wield weapons in Fable, just wondering how that is done… ???

Ninten :cool:

You can’t. You can only use a melee weapon and a ranged weapon. You can’t even equip a shield, so there’s no dual-wielding.

I think your thinking about Twinblades’ weapons right! I tried to fight him for those 2 huge swords he was carrying, but he does die with them. I never understood why his Swords weren’t useable.
The Ghost sword still can do the job for ya Ninten! I think you can call up to 4 swords at the same time if I remembered right.

No, wasn’t really thinking about using Twinblade’s swords… but just thinking about it, that’d be really cool! … and one of my favourite spells has to be Ghost Sword… just for that reason. That and Enflame.