disturbing… that’s all I gotta say o_o …

First Encounter Assault Recon (F.E.A.R.) looks like a pretty sweet game. from what i’ve seen of it (admittedly not much) there’s some kind of area 51ish place that deals with either supernatural or abnormal creatures/power. when everything goes wrong, you, a member of the assault squad, and the rest of your team go in to take down the creatures/people/ghosts/whatever that are now loose. there is also a specific way in which things will flicker on and around the screen, which has something to do usually with what an enemy is doing, but i think it would scare the crap out of you if your tv blipped every now and then…you’d empty a clip into a wall and find out there’s nothing there…and obviously it’s supposed to be a scary game (hence the abreviation), so i’m kind of looking forward to playing this one.

It looks so good. Too bad my computer can’t run it :frowning:

I was beaten to it.
I got this game this morning, and I’m already around mission 8. It’s by far one of the best-made games I’ve played in terms of enemy AI. They find cover very well. They dive, jump, avoid grenades (much better than most AI), and know exactly when to fuck you with a grenade. Also, the guns are so innacurate unless you’re actually trying to steady the gun (read::crouched), or if you’re just bumrushing them.
Also, shotguns split them in half if aimed right. What’s not to like?
I’m an avid FPS player, though not the best, but even on low difficulty, it’s still quite hard, althoughonly hard enough to merit 2 respawns, one was me fucking around with a fire extinguisher about 2 inches from my face.
The fear portion of it is well made, it makes me jump occasionally, and a few places are really good at getting the heart rate going. Once I finish it, I’ll think about making a full review.

Edit: also, I’m gonna do a test on how high/low my settings can be and still get 60 FPS at 800x600 on FEAR with an ATI Radeon x700 Pro (PCI-E), which is quite cheap in terms of good video cards ($125)

fire extinguisher? you atually have to worry about fires, or are they there just for the hell of it like in The World Is Not Enough?

Just for the hell of it. Just don’t shoot one near you.
I blew off a guy’s arm with one, literally.

well at least you can make a little use of them. in world is not enough, the enemy AI would stay clear of them purely for the reason that they ran up and shoved their guns up your ass or they just shot at you from long distances.

Compare it to doom 3.

My personal opinion and comparison is: Doom 3 is a kid’s playground compared to F.E.A.R

Oh my! <.<

Yeah… Doom 3 is nothing compared to FEAR. It’s just so immensely better.

FEAR is just so fucked up it’s unbelievable. Once you’ve played through it, and you play through it again, it’s amazing how much everything makes sense. Well, not makes sense, but, y’know. You can piece everything together.

Also, I don’t recommend playing it if you’re tired. It’s so much scarier if you’re almost asleep already.

i don’t know…that makes some games so much better…i remember playing doom 3 nearly asleep, all the lights off, in the basement, round about midnight and i got so freaked out that i chucked the controller acroos the room and ran for the lights…afterward i found out that the friend i had been playing the game with had gone farther than that and had actually made it out the door before reason returned. things like that make for lots of jokes:D

oh my god, that’s so funny.
You’re calling Doom 3 scary?
man. you will know what the hell scary is when you play this game.
Also, spoilers ho, I just beat it.

The character you play is the child of Alma Wade, a telepath whose father, the man you pursue through most of the latter part of FEAR, put her into a coma to impregnate her with a genetically altered baby (IE, you) with which to control their cloned super soldiers.
This failed, so another experiment was taken where the result was Paxton Fettel, the man mentally controlling the troops you slaughter throughout most of the game.
In the end, you must escape the Remmelmeier compound before it erupts in a very violent, but orgasmic, explosion. Even though you make it out, you’re chased down by the ghost of your naked dead mother, all the while battling random things that pop out of black holes that ranomly appear.
In the end, there’s a beautiful scene where a shockwave from a, basically, nuclear explosion rocks its way towards you, eventually knocking you back for quite a ways. You wake up in the helicopter, and there’s dialog between the medical bitch and some black guy named holiday about Alma. There’s a violent rocking of the helicopter, and the asian medical chick asks “what was that?” as Alma appears on the bottom of the helicopter. Cue a dedication to someone, and the credits.
Thank you, come again.

All in all, I really fucking enjoyed this game.

doom 3 was scary at the time…which was before i played this. i just was at my friends house playing it and that is far better (scarier) than doom 3 ever dreamed of being. and with an ending like that, you think there might be some sort of sequel coming to it, or was it a kind of final thing? i didn’t quite gather that much from what you typed…

Yeah, I’ll be making a video of walking out and then up to the ending, I forgot to wait until after the credits to see if there was anything.

Edit: There is something after the (VERY FUCKING) long credits.

There’s a phone conversation between the senator and that one bitch that owns Armacham. Something about the first prototype being a complete success.

Contact me at RPGCSteve on AIM to get a 3.5 meg download of the end of the game.

I can’t run F.E.A.R. >:( It looks so damn good.

first portotype? sounds liek there will be a few more sequels then…AWESOME!

Thanks for spoiling.