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<a href=http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/~lotr/images/hobbiton_caves_main.png>Map</a>

Is the picture on the link above too dark? I’m having a bit of trouble because my monitor screen has a display that’s a bit yellow-ish, need to know if its just my monitor doing it, or if the problem is in the picture itself…

Thanks in advance!

Nah, it’s fine. All IE users will kill you for using a .png though =p

Originally posted by Dragon Tear
Nah, it’s fine. All IE users will kill you for using a .png though =p

What’s wrong with .png? I’m using IE and it works just fine…

…and it’s the default image format for zsnes screenshots so…

It is? Depends on your Emu. my default save format is bmp.
And I’m just saying. Many IE users had problems with pngs, as I’ve heard…
(at least I did before I had moz :P)

You need a quicktime plugin to view PNGs in IE, and even then it doesn’t display the alpha layer correctly.

The thing looks fine to me. And I can view it fine, even if it is a .png.

The image looks fine on my MozillaFirebird browser. Maybe its just your monitor.

Indeed. One little patch for IE and I’ve been able to view PNGs with no problem ever since.

And that’s a pretty nifty map, Chosen One.

Is that an RM2K map?

That looks like a Lord of the Rings (SNES) map. I congratulate you on playing that game and not throwing up, much less do a shrine on it. That map should be fine since that’s what the map looks like in the game.

It’s good.

And pngs work flawlessly in my IE.

Okay then, I guess it’s just my monitor with the problem…

And yes, it’s from LOTR. Strangely, I find the game rather… uhm… “interesting”… :hahaha; :mwahaha: :hahaha;

I played until the first dungeon, then I gave up oO; I even played 7th Saga for longer, and THAT means something…