Extremely cute Mario items for sale

Her work is impressive! She could probably get more than she’s asking, though she probably has a big profit margin. I wonder how long these take to make.

Cute and Sinistral? Does not compute! They are impressive, yes, and cute; and yes, they do seem fairly cheap. I’ve seen things like it costing at least twice as much, though that’s here in Norway. Now what’d it cost to have a metroid shipped to Norway?

Probably very little because its light.

You mean because it can fly all the way and refuel on available light forms.

Yes, they’re cute. The problem with industrial-made plushies etc. is that for some reason they make them too big. I almost bought a cute-as-a-button Luigi only to find out he was the size of a wardrobe*. I’d love to get a small sized one, but I don’t like things that take up too much space. And that WW Link was also huggable.


I jsut bought a piranha plant. Money well spent, I say.

Aw, the Bullet Bill and Chain-Chomp are so cuddly! I agree that they are decently sized (and priced). She says how much time it took her for a few of them on her flickr page (seems to range from 2 hrs up to dozens over a few days (such as the Magikoopa)).

Mario scarf? Mario wall paper/paint job? Mario tattoo? That’s a lot of Mario.

Hmph, pathetic humans. On my home planet even our youngest infants have the crocheting abilities that far surpass this earth female.

I apologize for this but even with that photograph I still can’t tell if you’re a dude or a chick? The arms and the shoulders suggest that you’re a dude, but the face (or what little of it I can see) looks to be that of a chick. Nor could I detect bulges in any of the regions that would betray your sex.

I found that picture on the website Sinistral linked to. I didn’t know if it was a chick either, but after looking a bit more at the site, apparently it’s the chick that makes the crocheted stuff based on her flickr page:

(By the way, the flickr page has a lot more stuff that’s not for sale at the store if anyone’s interested.)

Its considered bad form to post pictures of people other than yourself or a public figure (or if you’re making a joke and even then it has to be either funny or tasteful (or if someone demands pics or gtfo in which case you should oblige)). In any case, next time, be a little bit more considerate of others.

And wary of someone who can create an army of goombas at will.

I love that scarf. I want one and I’d buy it were it not 42 dollars.

Cute. I think my friend has a small, cute, crocheted black mage like those things that she picked up at Anime Boston.