Exos Art contest ver 1.0(Sticky)

Exos Anime Art Contest!

I had a little idea before going to bed last night, an Art Contest on RPGC, well seeing we are back in the medevil times currently I thought we could get our minds off the plague and draw…

I will be the judge of the artwork…

Just something for fun…

But yes once you have a picture and your ready scan it and send it to lilblackmage@msn.com and title the e-mail

art submission

RULES: The art can be anything, yes ALMOST anything, I do like yaoi and I know there are fans of hentai, but not today… Just keep it pretty clean… Submit them in Jpg or GIF format.

Please keep it in color, and try to make it your own don’t copy… Or trace…

Submit all drawings by: May 9th


This is very ambiguous… contests usually have an unifying theme to make it challenging and easy to think of a subject at the same time. Do you want us to aim for realism? Anime? what?

Sticky it is.
I agree with Cless though, think up a theme to make it easier :slight_smile:

Ok Theme… Off the top of my head anime art…


CG? Outline? Sketch?

Oh…if there are anymore rules lemme know…I just sent a sketch of mine in…hopefully you got it?

Is there a deadline of some sort?

Makes me wish I had any skill as an artist :stuck_out_tongue:

Exo, will you be posting (on the web) all the pretty art for us to gawk at like hillbillys at a zoo? ^^


Maybe, only for you Eden.

If I may speak off topic…I really think the name E x o d i s e was cooler than just Exo.

People ask me to make an art website, I’m just lazy…

Well, you certainly are more than good enough if you ever find the energy to start one up :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only gotten one submission…

My scanner won’t work. Sorry. :frowning:
I’ll see if I can get it working by Friday…

I’m tired, I got a hangover, and I gotta go get peirced, ill announce winners later…