Excuse Me.

Would KoL count as PC Game? Kingdom of Loathing?

Can it be played on a PC?

If you play it on a PC, then it is generally defined as a PC game.

Unless it’s web-based (that is, you play the game through an Internet Browser, and it doesn’t require you to download clients or any programs to play it), then it becomes a net game.

Oh… then it’s a net game.

You can still discuss it here. However, if you’re thinking of shrining it, well… we currently don’t have any plans for shrining browser-based games.

Have you ever played it? It’s very entertaining.

Level 10 Seal clubber :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a level 14 pastamancer
a level 7 seal clubber
and a level 8 saucoror

Level 4 HC Turtle Tamer.

I am stuck on the last few quests…minus getting the hole in the sky

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11 months!! Re:Revial?

Some one may kill it…