Excel help

So anyway, this is a branch from the other thread of mine. It’s about the work I need to do. This is all in Excel 2000 BTW.

An easy one: How do I name columns?

Take certain columns and put into correct parts of an envelope (address, name etc.).

Show number of results per search (if you use the Filter option).

I got all those ('cept for the naming columns), but is there a way on the mail merge to put your own address in the topleft corner on all the envelopes?

To name columns, try double clicking on the A, B, parts. If that doesn’t work, or isn’t what you’re talking about, you can name specific columns, by highlighting them (by column I mean, with several rows beneath it) and then going up to the white space bar on the very left. It’ll say something like F3:F9…well double click on that text, and put in a name of your own. So whenever you highlight individual columns, that name will come up. Though I doubt that’s what you were referring to.

We never did mail merging or whatever…hmm…if you can make envelopes, then you should be able to put your own address in…

The double-clicking doesn’t work. I’m talking about renaming the A/B/C etc. to stuff like First Name etc. I’m going to work now, so I’ll be back in about 3 1/2 hours.

I don’t believe you can change those. You can in Access, but it was never taught to me for Excel…

Excel has no column renaming, but seeing as you can’t print the column letters anyway it hardly matters. What I usually do is write my titles in the first and/or second row, select the third row, go in the Windows menu and hit ‘freeze panels’ or something similar, that way those titles never scroll away.

Thanks for the help. I got most of that done and then I’ll do the rest on Tuesday. Now it’s just entering info into the spreadsheets.