Exams Stink!

Unleash your repulsion!

My repulsion is unleashed! Muahahahaha! :o

I only have to take one, on Biology!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! YOU ALL SUCK!!! runs off, screaming wildly

I personally don’t mind them, I never get why everyone makes such a fuss over them.

You have my answer, so let them DIEEE! ‘Khhk, Khhk, Khhk, Khhk!’:o :o :o

Originally posted by Cloud Strife X
I only have to take one, on Biology!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! YOU ALL SUCK!!! runs off, screaming wildly

shoots a frozen pea at his head
Exams stink! Even if you get the maximum score, they’ll drive you nuts!:enguard:

Ack…I just got most of my results through. Most of them are quite good, but unfortunately the ones I got badly are the ones my parents seem to suddenly deem most important! :frowning: Stoopid maths…and I actually didn’t do too badly in that!

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shoots a frozen pea at his head

OOOWWWW!!! You just made my head hurt worse from taking those exams!!! Actually, I have them next Tuesday, so THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR MAKING ME FLUNK!!!

Actually, I really need to get my grade up in that class, so it’s a good thing i’m taking it.

Death to the Filthy M!


burns a flag in front of the Ministry of Education

Set my people FREE!

God sends a huge comet down, crushing the building and freeing the students from the tyranny of the Filthy M

falls about laughing Man, you guys crack me up! VIVA LA RESISTANCE! Goes on a mad rampage, burning maths textbooks, until a rabid swarm of teachers beat her down

calls Moses and has him unleash the byblical plagues on the teachers

Vae Victis!

carries Lady Shadowz out of there, while Seraphia and the Ragnarok Force torch the place

struggles Noo! Me wanna torch! Pretty fire! Pretty fire!

grabs a flamethrower and beats maths teachers over the head with it Muahahahaha! :o


the fiery beasts appear and torch the place

Sacred Fire!


I actually like exams :stuck_out_tongue: or at least the adrenaline rush that goes with walking into one completely unprepared and then getting a good grade :wink:

Adrenaline’s OK, but I’m usually too scared/tired/stoned on coffee to notice any such rush. :slight_smile:


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Innocently Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Innocently?:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

rolls on the floor, laughing

Why does such a Lady waste her time with coffee? Coffee is EVIL!:enguard: