Evil Villains Avatar Week

Those (many) who want to use Evil Villains avatars, you know what to do. In case you misunderstood me, I didn’t mean to steal BMO’s idea, I just wanted to propose a (cooler than Step by Step) theme for an avatar week. Another guy did it so don’t bitch at me dammit. Keep the flames outta here cos it’s damn hot already. Since MORE THAN ONE PERSON demanded it, here you are.

I have to state here that I didn’t make my avatar Dr. Crane because of this avatar week tomfoolery. I just really liked the character in Batman Begins.

It’s too bad Scarecrow got mightily owned by a taser to the face. What a way to go.

It was BMO’s idea, and he should have absolute say on what avatar he wants. If he wants to run a poll, then he can, but if you think that you can, then you’re absolutely deluded.

1- Read my 1st post goddamnit
2- He didn’t copyright the Avatar Week
3- Quite a bit of people wanted it, therefore I am not deluded, sorry
4- My crime is taking 7 days of BMO’s forum life’s “glory”
5- You didn’t bitch at the Superhero Avatar Week
6- I think I speak an intelligible language
7- I am not forcing anyone
8- What the hell is wrong with an Evil Villain Avatar Week?
9- The sky is blue
10- Go get yourself a Step by Step avatar and then we’ll talk

Thank you for your time.

People, this is an entirely VOLUNTARY thing. Anybody here can suggest a theme and the rest of us are free to participate or not.

Personally, I like the idea of Avatar Weeks because it gives me the chance to have some fun with my profle settings, PLUS I think having some sort of community activities here is good for us. But I like fictional villains way more than I like Step by Step -can even hardly remember the show- so I chose to go with it. It wasn’t like I care about one poster’s suggestions more than another’s.

Step By Step sucks.

Decepticons rule.

I may not be using a villain as my avatar, but just look at him! Isn’t he just precious? Gir is just sooooo kyuuuuuuteee :stuck_out_tongue:

I already have an evil villain. Copy cats.

Gir is a villain, kinda.

The retarded lackey of a villain at least.

I’m going to sing the doom song now. Doom doom doom doooooom. Dooomy doomy doom DOOOOOOOM!!!

How many others saw that coming? XD

EDIT: Well, that’s true, ED. I just thought he was too cute to be evil. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still debating whether I should jump in.


I guess Amon really was a villian; he had long hair, too. Odd.

I loved Dracula from the castlevania series. All that red and black just looks so evil.

I really wanted villians… and Now I’m over it.

Isn’t yours already a villain, Jenna?


Ouch :frowning:

or insecticons, by the looks of your avatar.

They’re still decepticons though. Just a sub-group.

You are!! To Hewlett-Packard and to a Guy named ShaheenJim.

I, The WindyTWIT get a Second week since I’m a Turn-coat, I switch sides, so that I Apply for Both.

I think Ellen from “El Goonish Shive” also applys for this rule: http://www.egscomics.com/Filler/d/20030727.html

(EGS: Nanase fan)

I’m not doing avatar week anymore because of this thread. Congratulations “The Nameless One”. If your master goal was destroying something I created that around 3 people kind of liked, well then mission accomplished.

The whole point of avatar week was to have avatars of something kind of obscure, but not something that is “popular obscure” that you can find it on a t-shirt at hot topic. I let voltron slide since it was pretty cool, but Evil Villains doesn’t really go with the theme I was looking for.

After this week I’m going back to RC cola. YOU’RE ALL ON YOUR OWN