Everyone's getting on the MMO bandwagon now

A movie on Warcraft? The dollar signs in their eyes must be metastasizing into their brains.


The only bullet they dodged was NOT hiring Uwe Boll.


I remember hearing about that movie a few months ago, and I wasn’t really surprised even then.
I was more or less expecting the movie since some time around TBC, just because… Well, it’s popular. Of course they’ll [strike]milk it for everything it’s got[/strike] try to reach an audience that’s as wide as possible, which means not limiting themselves to just one medium.

It’s a ‘Warcraft’ movie, though, not ‘World of Warcraft’. That’s not to say it won’t tie into WoW, because it’s all the same story in the same world, but who knows when they’ll set this?

They might even do a prequel, set back to show how the first war between man and orc started.

It’s set one year before WoW so it may lead up to it at some point in the movie.


I think they’ll do a prequel if this movie is a success. Why make a movie about a game that was more than 10 years ago when only the nerdiest of nerds would find the storyline fascinating?

Because everyone will go see it

We know exactly how it started, how it went and how it ended seeing how WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness IS the first war between men and orcs. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Okay, so technically it’s the Second War, since the First War was when the orcs invaded Azeroth. The country, not the world.
But WCII:ToD is the first war between the Horde and the Alliance.)

Still, I want to see the movie regardless of where and when it is set, mostly because I’m a huge Blizzard fanboy. :wink:

I dislike WoW. I love the Warcraft games tho. MMORPGS are poop

Yes, MMORPGs are poop because they have people and people are poop. I don’t go out on the street and try to interact and play games with people, why the hell would I want to do it at my home? I play my RPGs to get away from it all for a minute or two.

Raimi is a good choice, so let’s hope it isn’t terribly horrible, as is the fate of game adaptations. Lok Tar.

You’re confusing MMOs with real social interaction.

No, I’m saying social interaction is shit and people as a whole (random strangers) piss me the fuck off so I don’t want to play games with them either. Of course, customer service all day and the way people drive and talk around here has made me feel this way.

I thought this film was to be made by Legendary pictures… which is typically known for making epic fantasy movies.

I don’t really see any difference between socializing in an MMO or an Internet forum.

edit: Movie should be interesting, I’ll definitely go see it. Wish it was CG though, like the WoW intro movies.

Yes, but it’s also a videogame movie. That genre hasn’t had many hits.

They definitely should make the movie of Warcraft III or one of the three original Warcraft RTSs. Also, they should focus more on Thrall on the Horde, though from reading the article that seems unlikely.


I don’t think social interaction is shit.

I think people who are shitty at social interaction think social interaction is shit. People are what makes or breaks any multi player video game.

I feel like someone who thinks social interaction is shit in World of Warcraft is a. one of the people cracking chuck norris jokes in the barrens, or b. one of the people telling person a how stupid chuck norris jokes are

Ramza you are a cool guy and all and you have massive guns from what I hear but you should really stop defending people who are chronic WoW addicts because most of them really are shitty; this is from a sample size of about 30 people that I have heard interacting with my friend on vent in a guild

Maybe it’s because they’re hardcore enough to be in a guild, or on vent talking, and that laces the interaction with anonymity so they become assholes or whatever, but it says something about their character

A lot of it is just their age, as well. 12-18 year old boys are generally immature, and they make up a substantial number of Wow players if not the majority. This would also explain the flakiness of WoW users in successfully completing group work.

I hate mmo’s. Its like, you always want to be on because shit is always happening. Animal crossing is enough pressure for me, thanks. I like the regular warcraft games, but didnt get into wow. on purpose. because i would never see the light of day again.