Everyone's Favorite Xbox Games

I’ve had an Xbox for years and yet the only games I have for it are:
Halo 1
Halo 2
Armed and Dangerous
Jade Empire
(I bought a few other Xbox games, but returned them since I didn’t get into them.)

I’m still finding PS2 games I like, but those 5 listed games are the only Xbox games I have really gotten into so far. The reason for this is probably the fact that my favorite games tend to be JRPGs.

So anyway, I would appreciate it if people mentioned what their favorite Xbox games are. If anyone could mention a good JRPG on the Xbox, that would be a great surprise.

lol a good jrpg on XBox. I don’t think they even made any.

Anyhow, I like games that are four players and stupid, because it allows you to sit back and do dumb stuff with your friends. Like:

Shrek Party
Fuzion Frenzy
Kung Fu Chaos
Brute Force

The first Xbox had like, seven good games? The 360 is shaping up to be a pretty good investment though - the orange box, halo 3, gears of war are all superbly awesome.