Everyone's fave square main villain?

I have to hand it to everyone’s favorite clown, Kefka; he was the first and, as far as I know, only Square villain to actually destroy the world. Quite the feat, Kefka. But of course, who could forget the raw supremacy of Thanatos? That crazy nutjob. I also give a small, quiet hand to the Seven Heroes of RS2 for being purely cool. Heh, go mergetasticism.

I’m going to say Lynx just because I loved that game so much.

Kekeke! Lynx, whatta villain. He and Magus would make good pals, no?

I cast my vote for Kefka, with Sephiroth running a close second (though his badassery gets ruined by “gothery” in Advent Children) … Least favorite (or at least most dumb) would be a tossup between Kuja and Seymour (whose name alone is dumb – they might as well have called him Maester Anderson. Or Norman).

Ok, 2 things. Kuja not only LOOKS and DRESSES like a chick, but he’s even less cool than Seymour, who, may I add, has a problem with being a homo; In fact, FFX’s only non-homo character is Auron, because he knows clothes are for wearing, and he wears 'em good. Although it may not be square, a good VG Villain is Xenosaga’s Albedo. Kind of Kefka blended with Exdeath; He’s really whacked, but he’s perfectly evil and menacing.

I liked what I saw of Seymour. What’s wrong with his name? It’s of distinguished class and nobility, both of what his character desgin and voice reflected.

Hard one for me,it has to be Lynx or Kuja i really don’t know why Linx he’s just cool,but Kuja because he is a puppetmaster so to say,he controlled others just to get what he wanted,he practically made the whole world wage war against each other thats why gets my vote.

C’mon, people, let’s get some opinions!

Similar questions are usually asked so this may not turn into a big hot thread…

This is true. On a side note, has anyone even seen Xenosaga’s Albedo? That guy is nuts, and, because of it, he’s possibly my favorite villain! He’s just a psycho, what with the laugh and all.

I wrote a pretty kickass fanfic about Kefka when I was your age, Sir Fuzzi. Check out the fanfiction section for it…it’s cool.

Oh, and welcome to RPGC. :smiley:

Thanks, Taim. At least someone around here has decent courtesy.

First of all, I’d like to say congradulations on being close minded. Go you!

Secondly, sence when does the way a character dresses or sounds (voice) determine thier sexuality? Just wondering.

On top of that, arent we past the whole “hehehe, your a gay person! haha, you suck!” bashing thing? I’ve got several gay friends and I’m not really sure I see being “homo” as an insult. Infact, they consider it a compliment.

I really dont care if you like the way this sounds or not, but using gay and homo to bash on somthing is not only immature, but pointless in this day and age.
I’ll not expect you to expand your horizons just yet, I probably was just as wrong when I was 13. However, there are some pretty mature kids on here that I’ve seen talk about things far more controversial than sexuality. So I dont see any excuses.

I’m not trying to pick on you, that just ticked me off. I’d have said it to anyone on here.

Go Kefka!

Kefka. No-one else in the history or future of Final Fantasy will ever top that man.

I dunno, Seymour just sounds like a silly name. But anyway …

:mwahaha: Uwee hee hee hee! I’m winning!

my favorite villains would be eve from parasite eve.

not only did she destroy 3/4 of new york but she also made aya’s life a living hell.

and eve could easily kick kefka and anyone elses ass.

my other favorite villian is lynx for more obvious reasons. :moogle:

I’d have to say Orlouge but Thanatos and Queen Zeal were cool too.

I wouldn’t call Queen Zeal a main villain…

Kefka takes the cake with no contention whatsoever. Also some good ones would be Kuja (Fuzzi, s/he looks like that because s/he was designed as a girl and is one in Japan and possibly PAL versions…), Thanatos, and Julius.

She’s the closet thing that can talk.