Everyone: If you have a job, skip work. Because...

Dad is at office.

Hell. Yes.

Oh my god awesome.

So awesome.

Wow. Are there more of those? Please say there are.

I don’t think any of his other flashes are related.

I though everyone was more scared of their mothers rather than their fathers. Oh well…

Hell hath no fury like offices ravaged by workaholics. Also, the world needs more cartoony humor. I endorse it. Fully.

That was high-concentrated awesome. XD

That was 77 four-hundred-milligram caffeine tablets awesome.

At first I was like HELL YES! BOUT FUCKIN TIME!

Then I was like yeah that was pretty good.

Then I watched the first one again and was like man, the first one is way better.

Then I watched the office one again and was like hahah yeah this one is pretty good actually.

Major criticism is that it’s too short… to be continued? what the hell, this isn’t a sitcom.

Reefer Man made the first one.

Worth cookies.

Hehe. I like the Warner Bros influence.

In the immortal words of probably the entire cast of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness … “Aaaaahahahahaha!”