Everybody's looking for something so help me find it!

HELLLLPP!!! :fungah: Can’t find it…
I guess I’ll try asking here…
do any of you know where I might find a copy of rpg maker for windows that lets you use custom sprites?
if so please make sure the site is up before giving me a link. :runaway:

I lika de cheese

Sorry, no.

sings the Eurythmics song “Sweet Dreams”

Do a file mirrors search for RM2k3? I thought that it let you use standard sprites ‘out of the box’


That song is gonna be stuck in my head now.

I think I still have one on my computer.


All of them allow for custom sprites. You just have to create the proper sheet, and then save it as a png and import it.

Indeed, though you need to make sure it’s the right size, format, and all that stuff.


…dammit, me too! ><

Good thing I don’t know it. :smiley:

well thanks a little thin on details but thanks

what Xelo said. Just get yourself a template so it’s easier. And if you do everything by yourself or cutom or whatever, check oisu for the script which lets you break the three frame walking animation.