Everybody! Everybody!


A friend of mine just showed me that…I’m sure all the Homestar fans here will appreciate it.

That was awesome, thank you GG.

What the hell? O_o

Doesnt seem to load for me.

It’s a song so try right clicking it and clicking save target as i think.


So you say, so shall it be.


Hey, that was pretty good. Thanks. :yipee:

That was definitely pretty cool. I like the higher pitched guitar during the chorus, although I did find the baseline a little “stabby.”

Now I must add this song to my playlist…

Gonna have to download it later, got no time now.

That was PRETTY good. Tell you what, you can have low-grade sugar-free … chocolate skim milk from now on.

It deserves a cookie.

Eh? - I’ll mail you! once i get my message sorted out. (Link at bottom of lyrics)

Keep away your stupid duck

Click the Duck for Strongbad on Yar’s post!

Big Nutter
I mean you… I’m buying you a Pizza!

heh awsome song, I like it :cool: