This will take several easy steps, but it is soooo worth it.

  1. Boot up your prefered MP3 Downloading program (Frostwire, Limewire, Bearshare, ETC)
  2. Download the song ‘Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’
  3. Load that song onto your prefered MP3 playing program (winamp, windows media player, quicktime, ETC)
    <strike>4. Now load any RPGC thread that Eden99 has posted in.
  4. Watch Eden99’s avatar.</strike> Watch the pic below.
  5. Enjoy.

<img src=“http://agora.rpgclassics.com/image.php?u=28&dateline=1168133761”>

<small> This actually works with alot of songs…</small>

Heh, neat. Works with Depeche’s Personal Jesus too.

Hmm, it didn’t work with any song by Fallout Boy.

Good call, and good song. It works quite bad assly with this picture.

I’M NOT INTERESTED IN THINGS THAT DON’T WORK! I WANT THINGS THAT DON’T NOT WORK! But good point. We should probably catalog songs that DO NOT work too!

In that case THESE DONT WORK!
Rod Stewart - The way you look tonight

Nice, Charle.

the dancing gir avatar i had once did that too, it was neat

The next logical step is to allow every avatar to have its own music.

Europe- Seven Doors Hotel: works! Edit: It works amazingly well actually. Try! try try tryyy~!

That animated gif would “work” with any song that is around 120 bpm and is 4/4.

You’re a real asshole, y’know that gila?

Came to post this but decided against ruining the fun >:I

Quick Edit: 120 bpm and 4/4 timing is the most excruciatingly common tempo and time signature combination.

Edit: Works well with Free - All Right Now

Even better with Modest Mouse - Float On

Works well with Hare Hare Yukai.

But not with Burly Brawl.

True that. If you want to write a boring song just make it 120bpm, in 4/4, and wank away in a major/minor scale. Most likely G, E, or A. That’s not to say you can’t write an exciting song with that formula, just takes a lot more creativity…

This happened to me with a dancing/singing Naruto image I came across while listening to music once.

Ok Go- Here it Goes Again works good.

It doesnt matter. If I were to listen to just a metronome that was going 120 bpm. I wouldnt give a shit. It depends on “how cool” or “bad ass” the “song” is. Thats what “matters” And that’s what this “thread” is “for” Cuz the songs we have posted are very “those words”

It does matter. If you were to listen to just a metronome that was going 120 bpm you would care. It would tell you that the future was now, and to behold the greatness of one’s babies. Do you have babies? Well you better behold the greatness of “them”. Why? Because “if” you do, then you “might” understand the “secret phrase” that you probably just “missed”"."

Speaking of avatars, Dragon Tear’s is simply too sexy. Please change it for my mental well-being.

Oh now, where would be the fun in that.

What, sexier than Gila-Monster’s?

It comes close.