Every thing for sale. including the Body

I Am not Avertising, Just Look at this Bloke.

The Beeb!

The Lot in Question.

Big Nutter
When I adveriste. It will be in the Siggy.

Heh, I got 404’s on both of them. x.x;

I didn’t. And I hafta say: oh gods …

To give him credit, it is at least for charity. :slight_smile: Much better presentation than those gherkins who sell their souls (or other people’s) too. Dunno how he can qualify £20 p&p, though. Train fare? If so, here’s hoping the eventual winner’s from the Shetlands. :o)



That’s not that bad. I’ve seen worse, like people selling their virginity, and even one person trying to sell, an oddly shaped Nik-Nak!

That man is awesome. I wouldn’t mind buy a piece of him myself. :wink:

Oh that is REALLY stange…

Uh … “Nik-Nak”?