Ever thought you're wasting your life?

Just a few minutes ago, I was thinking about how I haven’t done ANYTHING worthwhile in my life. Granted, it wasn’t enough to make me commit suicide; it just made me think about what I’ve done. So far, I’m struggling in school, writing fanfics instead of actual stories, have almost no friends, and am seriously overweight (although I do check out healthfully in other areas for some reason). People around me are enjoying themselves, while I have to take anti-depressants every day. I don’t have a job; hell, K-Mart turned me down! I have two busted CD-ROM drives. Stress is building on me from all sides.

I just needed to vent that.

Anyway, have you ever thought that you weren’t doing anything with your life? Did you ever think that all you’ve accomplished is for naught? Do you think I ask too many stupid questions?

Lots of time, but I persevered on, and ended up with a group of really great friends, I’m really happy that I didn’t commit suicide when I planned to, and I think a lot of people have felt this way one time or another in their lives…

I’ve always felt that by showing love to my friends and family, I am doing something worthwhile.

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I’ve always felt that by showing love to my friends and family, I am doing something worthwhile.

Beautiful post.

I have a couple times, though during that time i figured out i needed to be a more social person and so im trying to work on that.

Just stay positive and have fun with your life, it doesnt exactly have to be worthwhile:cool: .

Edit: btw yes good post Urakni

Yeah, I feel like that a lot. High school takes its toll on me by piling upon me work which means nothing to me (and then to add insult to injury rewarding me for the quality of it, inducting me into some national honor society shit and making me recite a disgusting pledge to maintain high academic standards), leaving me no time to rest and recover my spirit. School turns me into an academic robot and for that I hate it, I’m afraid of it. I know that if I continue in such an academic vein, my entire life will be devoted to accomplishing nothings for nothings, while the world descends into madness and disrepair around me.

My only hope is that when high school ends, there WILL be more freedom, to rekindle beliefs in the world as a beautiful place worth living for…because I am deathly afraid that it isn’t.

You’re not asking stupid questions. Your questions are like, Questions with a capital Q. They’re vitally important and we all need to seriously ask them of ourselves, often, even if it hurts. Cause otherwise we’re just soulless living matter.

I think…to answer your question, you will Know when you’ve done something beautiful and worthwhile - you’ll feel it, and it’ll feel like the most wonderful thing in the world. But if you want to ever feel that, you have to first believe that there can be something so wonderful. It involves a bit of doublethink, like, believing that you’re doomed, but at the same time believing that there’s hope. After that realization that yeah, there’s something vitally wrong…but that there’s nothing wrong with something being so wrong, all it takes is a cold, logical search through the aspects of your life which reflect the meaninglessness, and tracking them down to a few roots in personality, general tendency toward certain actions, or what have you. And then…change.

Yeah. It’s hard. I’ve done it, am still trying to do it but it’s hard. I really do feel your pain.

-Mazrim Taim

All the time. Especially right now.

EDIT: And what I mean by “right now” is the past three weeks. Started bad and getting worse.

youre 18, your life has hardly begun. blubbering about the things you think are wrong with you wont do much. you have to try to change them. write things other than fanfics, try to talk to people more, eat healthier, get out and exercise, stop being such a republican. they are easy things to say, but at some point you just have to sit down and decide what your priorities are.

also, maybe you should look into talking to a good therapist and put down the antidepressants. psychiatrists are the devil.

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also, maybe you should look into talking to a good therapist and put down the antidepressants. psychiatrists are the devil.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Not really…

Just everyone else.

Well, I am doing reasonably well in school, go to the city often and have a blast playing Desert combat with friends, I can eat pizza pops whenever I want,^^ because we have a store bill, I have a horse(for some reason) and I am drug free, I have RPGC:=). Problems, I hate the school I go to, I hate the people in my “town” the system where I live is unjust, I can do virtually nothing to change it. Well I’d say its about even.

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted. -John Lennon/Bertrand Russell

There are two books that I recommend reading when feeling down, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and Writing down the Bone by Natalie Goldberg. They’re really books for inspiration for artists, but they’re very uplifting.

And yes, I know how it is to feel down too, I do rather often though you’ll hardly see it here. Poor Starstorm gets to listen to loads of bouts of whining every now and then, always as patiently thankfully.
There are times when I think that, I sit her by the computer, get behind in reading all the fanfic submissions, tries to keep up with all the reading for school. And wonder what good it does. I read and I read and I read and I try to come up with something good to say and when I can’t, when the story is crap, I just feel bad about not being able to make the author happy (unless it’s pure crap as with the infamous Mary Sue sex-with-Sephiroth story that I oh so love mentioning. Thing is, if I beat somebody down even the slightest I feel horrible afterwards). The bad authors tends to get furious when they don’t get praise, whoo. And people wait for the updates and then I feel bad for not being able to finish updates more often, and yada, yada, yada.
But then Galloway, or Pierson, or Ashbear, or Starstorm, or Archone, or any of the best authors submit something good and get happy when I can say something constructive and uplifting, and then I feel good again.

The worst thing right now is that I write and read a lot on my free time. But I have a litterature science and a writing course for school, meaning I do the same thing for my studies. Which kills my free-time writing. And I have to comment on people there as well.

Whine, whine, whine, there we go. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes, when I’m angry, depressed, or just plain feel like dirt. Otherwise, I try to keep an upbeat and positive attitude of life. If you ask me, ‘A life lived with negativity is a life half-lived’, so I try to forget my woes and get on with what’s important…living.

When I do feel like dirt and say that to myself, I just sit or lie down in a tranquil spot, like in the peace of my room or outside, and let silence calm me down. Unlike some people, I don’t lose it completely.

I don’t feel as if I’m wasting my life, really, 'cause I’m out there most of the time doing stuff and living it. Sure, I’m just a teenager, and haven’t really lived much of my life, but come on! I’ve lived enough to know that I am satisified waking up in the morning and knowing that I am me, and going out there and doing what I dream.


Originally posted by Silhouette
also, maybe you should look into talking to a good therapist and put down the antidepressants. psychiatrists are the devil.

Gaaaah clings to sorc o_o;;

Anyways, yes, until recently I thought I’d have to waste my life forever, but now I’ve gotta goal. :slight_smile:

Well, good for you, Dragon’s Tear!

Psychiatrists are the devil…!? O.O Don’t think so! I can think of worse people to play the role of the devil… -.-


Yes, very good for me. I shoulda thought about taking over the universe earlier. I mean, the world? C’mon, that’s so yesterday.
(hint: It’s Dragon Tear. No s. Kthx.)

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My life is pretty good, I mostly hang out with friends, I’m in a band, but don’t get me wrong I’m very lazy when I feel like it.

But awhile ago, I felt that life was going no where, and it did worry me. But then I realized, this is life, even if productive things don’t come as long as I am enjoying myself I guess that’s all that matters.

when i’m feeling down i’ll just put up some good music, write some poems, make/write some music or go hang with some friends… I’m not gonna sit back and let it overtake me, what seems to be a trend lately…