Ever thought about selling your body?

At the first glance I thought there were a few scientists who needed hookers for an experiment. Well, on another thread I showed a paper where some scientists were giving cash to people who would receive head in some crazy research. turns out this is an add in some pages (I found it at megagames).

Still, the headline is quite funny. Sell your body to science!

I’m not being cut up when I’m dead. Money or not. Nor am I having some scientists ‘do’ my corpse.

When I am dead, they can do whatever they want with me, I won’t care since I’ll be DEAD! Anyway, when they are done they leftovers are to be cremated and put in a little metal container and shot into space like Gene Roddenberry’s were. I’ll never get into space alive, so I damn sure will when I am dead.

I want all my organs donated, the rest may be used as they wish.

i don’t care what happens to my corpse but i won’t sell it, because it’s pathetic

I want my organs donated, although the lungs may not be very useable. People out there need shit like kidneys man.

I want my skeleton to be hung in some science teacher’s classroom. :smiley:

Do they pay pre-, or post-mortem?

I’m planning on joining the ranks of the undead in some undisclosed fashion, and dissection would hinder those plans somewhat. No one likes a zombie whose skull has a hinge on it (I’m mates with a former medical student. The tales he’s told me have curdled my saliva at times).

If that plan fails, though, then yeah, I guess flogging off my internal organs would work. Maybe on ebay :slight_smile:

I read a short story about that . It’s called “The Good Rat”. It’s about a guy who sells his organs to people who need them; like a liver to a kid in India. They get the organs when he dies. As a result he has to keep himself in peak physical condition. He makes enough of a living to do one thing he’s never done before every year. Once he runs out of organs he volunteers for medical experiments. As long as they pay and don’t cause any sever adverse sideeffects it’s all good.

i think ill sell my body to sience.

and when there done have body cremated and put into a pot of some kind.

then i want my ashes tossed at people who i dont like. :moogle:

some person is gonna think this is about being a prostatute before reading the first post im sorry but somebody is

That’s the point, dude789.

When I die, I’m not gonna let them carve up my body. I’m being cremated, or at best, a shroud burial.

I so love the idea of being spread over people I don’t like that way XD


Well, I’ve already said that I don’t really care what they do to the stuff that will be left when I die…

Or actually what I said was something like “I don’t really care, just as long as they wait until I die, because then I won’t need them anymore…”

they can leave were ever I fall to rot for all I care. When I’m gone, I’m gone.

I plan on donating all my usable organs as well. That headline is really funny though.