Evangelion: Which ending did you like better? (Probly gonna be spoilers :P)

Howdy. I doubt I could just have a regular old conversation about Eva here, cos y’all probly have done that a million times already, whereas I just barely watched it like, maybe two months ago. However, one thing I can’t really talk about with my friends concerning Eva (Cos they all happen to agree :P) is which ending was better.

So, which ending DID you like better? The TV Series Ending? Or, did you prefer End of Evangelion?

Personally, I like the TV series better. Since the whole series is more-or-less looked at from Shinji’s perspective, and since my take on the series was that the whole thing was just a fabrication that he made up in his own mind, the series really only needed closure for Shinji. End of Evangelion is nice, but I think that the psychological aspect takes a backseat in it, which is what the series is about in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue: The TV Series Ending is just nice for me, because I like to analyze my own social problems, and being able to look at it objectively is also very nice. Knowing that I can relate to some characters, and see how they feel and go “Yeah, I think the same way!” and watch how they deal with them helps me to get an idea of how I should maybe deal with them.

So, what are your thoughts, if you would share them? :smiley:

Better question: on a scale from crap to crappiest, which ending is crappier.

I like the Eva from these boards better :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Actually I kinda like the Movie Ending better in ways, and the TV End better in other ways. But I don’t feel like explaining it right now :stuck_out_tongue:

SG: I’ve not seen any EVA stuff, only read about it. From what I’ve heard, BOTH endings were really confusing, which is why I never bothered to watch them. So, if you could explain them, maybe we could critizice them better.

For example, what convinced you that the whole TV series was just in Shinji’s mind? There’s usually a clue inside a story that lets the reader know the possibility- like the whole thing being narrated as a flashback. And what was your impression of the OVA?

Pshh Charlemange, both endings were pretty good I thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Wil, the endings to both are pretty weird…Like, the last two episodes of the TV series are so abstract and weird, that there’s really no way to explain it. It’s basically Shinji facing a bunch of his mental conflicts, and a little bit of the other main characters. It’s hard to go much more in depth than that.

The movie ending isn’t very abstract, but since there’s a lot to Evangelion, you probly won’t get it unless you know quite a bit about the series.

And, as for why I interpret the series ending like I do…

While Shinji obviously isn’t in every scene of the series, everything is sort of told from his perspective. Like, when ‘the fourth child’ was found, it was very very obvious that it was Toji. Toji even discussed it before it was said outright. EVERYONE KNEW. But the name was never just SAID, because Shinji was the only one who didn’t know. Only after his Eva beat the crap out of Toji’s (against his will), did he see Toji, totally fucked up inside the entry plug of the Evangelion. This is just one particular example; there are other, more subtle ones like this, but this is the best one, cos it’s the most obvious one. In other words, if you wanted more examples, I’d have to think about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Eva this Eva that ya’ll are confusing me!!

And End of Evangelion was an alternate ending? Haha I never saw the series, no wonder those two movies screwed me up.

End of Eva, no contest. It was beautiful. ^^

The show isn’t worth watching after about episode 19…I think That is where one of them screem that their mind is being raped; the song “Holaluya”(spelling?) plays; and the words “death”, “pain”, and “menstration” flash on the screen… If you have never seen this seris, then I probly have made you not want to see this show. It is good upto the point where Gainex started losing money off of it and needed to end it quickly…verry quickly.

Other than the fact that it gets gay at the end, (Yes gay, the main charicter turns into a homo, the sexual kind, when he says, “He loved me…and I loved him too.”) it is a good series. The funniest part is at the last episode, the animaters got lazy and started drawing pincil blobs of people, and fail to animate certan senes.

I have heard the movie ending was a bit better, but I haven’t watched it.

I don’t really agree, heh. The ending two episodes were supposed to be trippy and surreal, which is why they mixed in normal animations with crappy ones. And also, Shinji doesn’t turn gay, man. :stuck_out_tongue: Trust me, when you watch End of Evangelion, you’ll see in like, one of the VERY FIRST SCENES how ungay Shinji is, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer the movie ending myself, just felt more final. more important, the “shinji is happy” didn’t really work for me. The movie ending didn’t either, likewise, i don’t know how they could have ended on a good note.

likewise, the more anime i see, the less i like eva. I personally prefer rahxephon to eva these days, it was just…better.

I heard RahXephon was pretty good, but I’ll see it eventually. Of course, if this is anything like the whole “Trigun is like Cowboy Bebop but better” deal that my friend sprung on me, then, well all I can do is lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never said he starts gay, I said he becomes gay…He isn’t gay at first, but he is later.

I know Vicious. I said “Shinji doesn’t turn gay” which implies that I understood exactly what you said, and I did. :stuck_out_tongue: He never became gay. It’s slightly implied after that episode in the last one, where he has the vision where everything is normal like, and Asuka is his childhood friend; that implies it since he’s tried to make advances on her the whole damn series, and of course he still thinks about it.

Plus, lemme reiterate, if you ever see the End of Evangelion, you’ll see very well that Shinji definitely did NOT turn gay :stuck_out_tongue:

he’s so not gay! the movie ending is better because you see everything that happened . . . but you have to appreciate the t.v. ending. it had a lot of creativity and was psycologically interesting. at the end of the movie ending, you hate shinji . . . but in his mind, you understand it. both were needed to finish the series.

I’ve seen RahXephon. It’s very good but it’s no Eva.

Movie ending cause the normal ending was just slideshows of shinji saying some rhetorical bullshit. MP evas vs asuka was freaking awesome.

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