Evangelion Live Action Movie

So, there’s an Evangelion Live Action movie being made. You guys think it could work?

I don’t think it will that be as good as the original. Since in live action versions, it is a lot harder/impossible to get some of the effects, as in the animes.

And also the battles would just look so stupid, since they would more than likely be computer generated, which would just totaly mess up the eva units, and the angels!

How would they handle all the trippy self-reflection thingies they had at the end of the series and in the movies? Like a 2001 job, maybe? Regardless, I don’t see how it could be done well. I’d rather just see a third version of the ending, which there have been rumors about.

EDIT: By “2001”, I mean “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

It would make a horrible live action movie… it would be fuckin polluted with special effects, and horrible acting, much like many movies that are out now a days. It’s a bad idea to do that to a good anime series.