I don’t know who’s in your avatar, but I wanna push him onto my bed, delicately take his eyepatch off, and kiss his bad eye better.

I feel the same way. That’s Gippal, leader of the Al Bhed machine faction. OMGWTF you should hear his voice. it is so fucking sexy. Especially when he says he’ll hold an “interview” with you and says BRING IT. Yeah, right into my bed, hottie. Well now I’m utterly embarrassed, how about you?

Wow! Even his name is cool. It sounds like Nipple. Only more manly!

He wears a patch because I skull-fucked him.

I had never thought of that before. Now that just makes him sound girly. Did you know he went out with Rikku? That’s the gossip I hear.

edit: shut up shinobi! You’ll never get your paws on him.

Oh baby! Why bother with Rikku when he can have ME?

Uh, you have Pierson. Why must you be so bitter and selfish?

Because Riku is teh sexx0r. I skull-fucked her too. She has a glass eye.

You know what? I think Gippal looks like a Pierson. That name would sound good on him.

I think your mom looks like a Pierson.

Shut up Shinobi! Stop putting a damper on things ;_;

Pierson’s more like happy-happy joy-joy and Gippal, in my avatar is all “Let’s get dangerous”. The images and personalities clash. Besides, Pierson’s not a blonde in my imagination.

I think Shinobi looks like an Idiot.

I lav pierson

You all are strange. But, Gipple ish cool.

Holy shit, I didnt know Pierson was still online at this late late hour of 10:00. I was hoping he’d never see our comments, Hades.

Hades, your back you your old stupid posting habits huh?

What’s the excuse this time? Bored?

If you are getting excited watching a video character, you need help.

Go home, you evil, party-pooping source of all evil!

This thread is laced thick with sarcasm, BX. Or is it? Duhn duhn duhn.

BahamutXero ruins life! As much as I’d love to post links to news articles about an innovative new way to cut the death rate of starving children in Africa by one person per thousand people per day, I like to actually have FUN >:(

Fuck Hades, just create your own way of lowering the death toll of Afrcia. Preferably involving ninjas and lasers and gold.