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Yes, spoilers abound so if you haven’t gotten to episode 21, you might not want to read anymore.

Near the end of episode 21 (The Birth of Nerv), we see Kaji meeting someone. His lines are “Oh, there you are. I’ve been waiting for you.” Right after that, he’s shot. Well, I was watching the episode again yesterday, and I was wondering who did it. I have the gut feeling it was Misato since she seemed to knew he was dead when she listened to the message on the answering machine, but I can’t see her shooting Kaji. I mean, she already knew he was a spy and had the chance to kill him earlier if she needed to (when he showed her Adam). Plus, I think she loved him which would have kept her from killing him (well in my mind at least). I can see Risuko doing it since she’s a lot more cold and detached than most of the others. So I guess I’m trying to say, who do you think killed him?

As far as I could tell from watching the series you’re never supposed to know for sure. My opinion is that it was Misato. She seemed to know exactly what was going on and I think it was within her character to do such a thing; she’s a strong person.

I’m not sure. Could have been Misato but I think it would have been probably someone sent from Seele or Nerv.

In the manga that Sadamoto is publishing right now I think they are going to tell who did it but i won’t find out until the end of this year or so.

Ignore this if you haven’t seen the last three episodes: That wasn’t Adam, that was Lilith.

Er yeah, that’s right Seraphim. It’s been a while =P.

I don’t think it’s a random person from Seele or Nerv though- it’s obvious that Kaji knew the guy, and they wouldn’t just make it someone random. That doesn’t seem like Eva’s style to me.

That anime is fucked up enough that it could have been Shinji for all we know. My geuss is Gendo or Fuyuski or however you spell it.

Fuyutsuki, it’s Fuyutsuki.

I think it could have been Gendo. Though that part was a bit confusing:

Kaji seemed to have betrayed Seele and was under Gendo’s orders but he still was researching stuff about Nerv and the fake Marduk (Supposedly without anyone noticing but both Misato and Gendo seemed to know). I’m not sure who was getting the worst part of all that.

But as Frame said, it could have even been Pen-Pen.

That’s true- he was talking to Gendo and Fuyutsuki earlier, and it was obvious they knew his intentions. Eh, it makes sense that Fuyutsuki could do it.

I believe that Gendo wouldn’t go and kill someone, he’d have someone else do it for him, it seemed to just be the way he operated.

It’s like the movie Clue… anyone coulda done it. They all had the means to :stuck_out_tongue:

it wasn’t Misato. While she was in a jail cell during that episode someone opened the door and she asked if it was over, and the person said it was being taken care of or something like that. I always assumed it was either Ikari or some NERV goon, but now that I think about it, the idea that Ritsuko did it makes a lot of sense to me, especially since her primary motivation would be to impress herself upon Ikari more and also since Kaji obviously knew who it was, and acted as if the person was more familiar to him than Ikari.

a greater and more important mystery to me has always been what Ikari’s last words to Ritsuko was before she got shot, but I’m pretty confident that it was “I love you,” or something like that.

Wrong Merl. Gendo didn’t give a damn about anyone in the series, not Ritsuko, not Shinji, not even Rei. His alteration of Seele’s E Project was intended to find a way to be reunited with his dead wife Yui.

According to the Red Cross Book, Gendo comitted adultery with both Ritsuko and her mother but as far as everything goes, he cares about Rei as much as he cares for the Evangelions, they are all just parts of the project.

I think Anno has said that it was a random person from NERV or SEELE. He could have just been waiting for anyone.

Misato didn’t have to do the deed to know that he would be killed.

I can tell you it’s Misato.
If you watch the Movie carefully, you can find they add the sound of high-heeled shoes before Kaji was shot, which can not be found in the TV series.
I guess no one watches the the Movie carefully.

Originally posted by Seraphim Ephyon
Wrong Merl. Gendo didn’t give a damn about anyone in the series, not Ritsuko, not Shinji, not even Rei. His alteration of Seele’s E Project was intended to find a way to be reunited with his dead wife Yui.
I disagree. One would think that, and he certainly doesn’t care much about anything but getting back to Yui, but Ritsuko’s response of “liar.” to whatever it is he said would suggest that he said something she wasn’t expecting.

Actually, there’s this picture from the series of Gendo with a cross-like shadow(formed by rafters above him) bearing down on his back. The Christ parallel is so obvious it had to have been done on purpose. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

Anyway, the point is that Gendo wasn’t motivated purely by selfishness, there was more good to what he did than would appear superficially.


I think Gendo cared about Rei- after all, Yui’s soul was in Rei. Plus, it was obvious by how he acted towards her (remember opening the super-heated capsule with his bare hands?) that he cared for her.

Also, I never really considered Gendo being a villain in Eva really. Sure, he’s not a people person, but he’s striving to do something that can be considered good in some light- instrumentality. I’m not sure if I’ve hit near what Curtis is talking about or not though.

Well, in truth I don’t know the series that well but I think Gendo did do a lot of good because he was the driving force behind NERV, and ultimately NERV was necessary to cause the events leading up to Shinji’s final choice. It was Gendo’s obsession that made that possible. Sort of the same way that a lot of people believe that Krelian is the Christ figure from Xenogears. And I will find that picture of Gendo that I mentioned.

Whether or not he was motivated to do what he did by anything more than his desire to be reunited with Yui, I couldn’t tell you. Even if he was, I don’t think it would matter, because a lot of good in the world is motivated by seemingly selfish reasons.

Misato was made to look like she was the one that shot him…I’m pretty sure it was somewhere’s else, I read an interview or some sort of exert on the net about that scene and it cleared a lot of things up…I forget the address though:fungah: Misato seemed too emotional to actually kill him.

That’s a very good point Curtis. I think Gendo knew it would be all up to Shinji in the end really- it could be why he treated him so harshly. I’m sure Gendo did care about Shinji though- he just couldn’t show it. At the very least, he did before Yui’s death. They did say that her death dramatically changed Gendo, so he might have been hiding his feelings or something like that. shrugs