Europeans aid me! I need waltzes.

I need to find more Viennese-style waltzes, or at least waltzes with a good pace. I’m familiar with Strauss the younger’s music, but I haven’t gone after any of his father’s music yet. I am at least aware of a man by the name of Joseph Lanner, though I haven’t heard anything by him. Who else should I look into? I’m looking for things like Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of Flowers. The music doesn’t have to be played by a full orchestra or anything, though. Some of my best music memories come from being in the presence of a Viennese-style waltz-playing four-piece Bavarian polka band, so take that into accout as you will if you have any suggestions to make. It doesn’t have to be classic, either, it just needs to at least echo the ballroom style.

What I’m not looking for are the slower (in my mind) American things that people tend to dance to in two steps.

Chopin wrote a great many waltzes. Perhaps you might favour some of those.

SK beat me to it. I don’t know any specific names of waltzes though…

Well I can’t do more than reccommend the classics…

Mozart and Beethoven. =P

Something slow: search for “Waltz No.3 in A” (By Chopin)

Something fast: (Waltz in Db) (Also by Chopin)

The <i>Walts of the Flowers</i> you picked is a good one; it’s pretty much even throughout and doesn’t take any long rests. It’s not too fast either.

<small>P.S. I’m not a European</small>

I don’t like waltzes so much… give me Stravinsky or Wagner any day. :smiley: