Eureka Seven has the potential to be a great show

The show is becoming better and better with each episode. Here’s a plot summary:

Eureka Seven tells the story of a 14 year-old named Renton who lives with his mechanic grandfather, and whose life is thrown somewhat off-kilter when a mech called Nirvash crashes into his house one day and a young girl called Eureka pops up asking for help to repair it. Shortly after, the military mechs get involved.

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The show has been focused on character development; but little bits of the plot that are revealed hints to an awesome, deep plot. The main character is somewhat whiny sometimes, but he tries to be happy; but the conditions around him are harsh.

Eureka herself is a mystery. She is kinda like Rei (NGE), but you know, um, she talks >_>

The first 10 eps were decent, but ep 11 ends with an awesome fight, and ep 12 is a really cool mindfuck episode. And from then on, it stays consistently awesome. The mecha action is cool too.

Besides, it’s got mechs, hoverboards, and mechs ON hoverboards. That’s just badass.

So yeah, grab it from here.