Ethernet Drivers

My bro’s computer crashed, so we reinstalled windows xp, but the drivers for his monitor, sound card, video card, and nic card are gone. I’m only worried about the nic card driver right now, because I’ve found the others, I just can’t get online to get them. I popped open the pc, and the ethernet adapter says S-Tech, and a product member. I can’t seem to find a site for this “S-tech”, however. Is that the place where I’d get the driver, or is it a different place?

EDIT: I just thought about this. I’m not sure I know where the NIC card is; just the adapter. I’m gonna google it now.

EDIT 2: Meh. Turns out all I needed to do was download and install my motherboard’s chipset drivers. I originally had thought that, but for some reason forgot about it. Thanks anyway.

Sugesstion for next time, look on the manufactures website for the computer. They will normally have the drivers on there.