Essay Ideas.

5 paragraph persuasive essay. Need a topic. I like writing smart ass essays, so it can be anything. Ideas plz.

Why to vote for Kerry this year.

Hmm- topics:

School Ruins Lives
Video Games and Education
Why You Should Vote for Satan This Year: the Lesser Evil
Legalize Murder

My sister is practicing for a drama thing, so I can’t think.

Why some internet communities suck while others rock.

Why samurai will invariably kill tanks upon encounter.

Why samurai hacked up the bodies of dead hookers burried in mass graves in 1600s japan

Or the orgin of toast, you choose

Why Education should be called Lies to Children.

The rise of Dionysian and fall of Apollonian sentiments in modern society as evidenced by popular versus classical music.

Hitler’s mustache.

Why males pretend to be female on the Internet and vice versa.

Why the Ostritch Migration Caused The Malayan Grasshopper’s Mass Extinction That Lead Indirectly To The Los Angeles Earthquakes And The Eruption of Mount St Helens And How This Has Affected Life For Teenagers In The Present Time. Citing Sources. No Made-Up Stuff. Honest.

Chaos theory. Or why the Illuminati and Knights Templar are still a major driving force in the shadows. Or just look around here for ideas: Also, since you’ve watched Lain, you’d know about the Schumann resonance and the earth gaining a counsiousness, you can write about that.

To give a nod to our good buddy Shalcar, Why women can’t compete.

Or maybe why free topic persuasive essays suck.

Brandon Vallee
September 9, 2004
Persuasive Essay
Block A

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you could put your brain in a robot body? Many have pondered the endless possibilities this situation would create. This is the future of the human race!

If we transplanted our brains into robot bodies we would be granted eternal youth. No more of those primitive things such as skin, bones, and organs. Our robot bodies would run on oxygen powered engines to soon be created in the future by scientist and scholar Dr. Brandon Vallee. The engines not only are environmentally-friendly, but they produce sugar as a waste product. Imagine robo-humans who produce sugar by just living! They could help the less fortunate non-robots live by giving them their waste. This idea benefits both parties.

This also would increase our military advantage. Our wars would closely resemble something from the movie “Terminator”, “The Matrix”, or the less liked “Generic Mobile Suit Robot Anime”. You could freely customize your robot body to properly defend you. A robot body would be the ultimate security. If you get shot, you could barely be damaged because of the bulletproof body armor that would be available for upgrade.

A large advantage of having your brain put in a robot body would be lack of hormonal activity. Without a body of flesh, you no longer have hormones. With this said, you wouldn’t be a big dumb sexually driven animal any longer. This would allow for a clean state of mind and end the distraction of sex. Sure you couldn’t procreate anymore, but you could always extract sperm or an egg from your lifeless body and have a test-tube baby.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t get a robot body, unless you couldn’t afford it. Your mind would be at a state of purity without an entire body of guts and organs to distract it. Having a pure mind could allow many of today’s big problems to be solved with ease. Robot
bodies are the best type of body ever.

Why evolution needs to be taught in schools.

Ah so you wrote your essay.

Its pretty small, you really might wanna flesh it out. How long does it need to be? You lack a topic sentence for your paragraphs that would relate to a statement at the end of your introduction detailing what it is you exactly plan to tell your reader about.

Btw, not having hormones is not necessarily a good thing. Sure it kills your sex drive, but hormones are responsible for a lot more than just sex. If you wanna talk about that, then I would advise you reword your paragraph to be more specific.

And this belongs in the homework forum. Keep posting revisions and I (and probably others) will be glad to help you on your way.

more like why the bible needs to be taught in school. everyone knows we’re decended from Adam. I dont remember in the bible Adam evolving from fish or whatever. sin, maybe you should read it sometime. you arent going to get very far in life if you still hang on to these juvinile ideas of yours. I mean really. PS: The bible also hates robots.

Go Jesus!

Why Demons don’t like swords and why The Undead doesn’t like Maces and the like

I was stuck in religious schools for 6 years. I know a bit about the bible and christianity and why I don’t like it.

I’ll fix it then, danke Sin

You should be at the stage where the use of “we” and “you” in an essay is frowned down upon.