Esceflone (that how it's spelled?)

Just saw it on Adult Swim. Very interesting. Was just wondering if anyone else had seen it.

Not even close. Escaflowne

The movie is a turd. Little character development. The characters never actually do anything, the climax is weak, tons of plot holes.

The series is the exact opposite, though. The series is great.

The movie was OK (I saw it on On Demand, not Adult Swim though). But, yes, it did have a lot of plot holes which annoyed the crap out of me.

The movie was totally awesome

I didn’t think there were plot holes, it was just kind of simple

There can’t be plot holes unless there’s a plot.

About the only thing I liked better from the movie was Hitomi’s uniform. :smiley: Of course, the music is great, and the rest of the movie shouldn’t be held against it.
On the other hand, the TV series is wonderful. It’s definitely at least a one-time must-see.

edit - How could I forget Allen? :D~~~

The movie had better character designs, the art for the show made everyone look ugly…

The show has a deeper story, but guess what, almost all anime is like that.

The movie was much more violent and bloody.

They both had good music.

I loved it!! I have all it’s music!! Yep!! :biggrin: :dancer: :kissy:

Watched it last night too, it didn’t really keep my interest much at all. The scenary looked nice and the music was pretty decent, i’ll have to check it out.

I thought it was great. But then again I just like that kind of stuff. :dancer: :kissy:

The movie was awful! The only part I liked was the bit in the beginning when Van raided the airship and killed everyone. I thought the series was okay.

That was the best part, I love when he puts the katana under the guys arm and lifts up and the blood sprays everywhere… Its so friggin awesome.