Errr... Hi?

Hiya everyone, I’m Phoerret. For those of you that would have the slightest clue who I am, I’m Cass’s friend, Mark. I’ve lurked for a long while here, reading the forums and whatnot. I came here because of her advice on where to find game info.

So, anyway. I tend to ramble and stuff. My name’s Mark (some people call me Monkey (kinda/sorta long story from school)), I’m 16, and I live in Massachusetts about 20 minutes from Cass and go to Xaverian, which is like 30 minutes the entirely wrong way from her. I’m completely failing English, but I can do chemistry now (only 'cause it’s more math) and math.

So, that’s more or less me. I think there’s more, but I dunno. I hope to stick around for a bit and see just how freaky y’all are. And I’m hoping that East Coast party happens because parties rock.

As for what I look like.

I’m the tall one on the right.

And I don’t know how I got in this one.



Welcome and stuff.

Who is Cass?


Welcome. Stor Kram.

Charlemage: And to you too, good sir.
Frameskip: Yea, Cass(andra) is Cala.
Eva: What’s “stor kram” mean?

Hey, welcome. I guess if you really know Cala, I’m sure she’s stolen your soul already. I only require your sanity.

Well, she doesn’t have my soul that I know of. I should probably go check on that.
Although you’re about 15 years too late for my sanity. :slight_smile:


Actually it means something like Big Hugs in Swedish, though I was mislead and originally told it meant Bend Over. I only acknowledge the Bend Over translation. No Im kidding.If you stay here too long, you’ll end up frying your brain. Yes, you will. No, you will…not. Yesno, you will won’t

Was wondering where you went. Well, welcome aboard, and what Eva says is true: No sanity for you. Not that you had any to begin with.

Frameskip: Yea, Cass(andra) is Cala


Cassandra is Cala’s real name.

Give me your pantyhose.

Err… I’d give you some but I don’t have any.

Cassandra is Cala’s real name


backs away from Charlemagne

What is this “real name” you speak of?

They don’t exist. Forget I ever mentioned them.

:hahaha; Thank you Charl. I so needed a good laugh right now.


Dear Phoerret,

Salve! Welcome and hello!

You’ll fit right in soon enough.

much love,

Welcome to the boards,enjoy your stay.